Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sophie is 11 months!

Good thing it's Leap Year, or Sophie wouldn't have an official day to celebrate her 11 month birthday, since she was born on the 29th! It's hard to believe that in one month from today she turns 1!

As we do every month, we took out the age appropriate sticker (11 months), and snapped away on the camera, getting pictures. I think she gets cuter every month, but the pictures get harder to take as she gets more mobile. She is constantly on the go now, and if she even will sit still for a picture (we had to move to the rocking chair after she almost nose-dived off the couch), getting her to look is even more of a challenge. And then getting her to smile is the biggest challenge of all since she thinks I'm ruining her life by making her sit still in a chair, with no toy.

I must say that I think I got some pretty cute pictures considering!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Toys - 10 months

Some of Sophie's current favorite toys are ones that involve fine motor skills. It's so fun watching her learn! One of her favorite toys is this wooden box of blocks. She's always liked the blocks, but this weekend she's just learned how to put all the blocks back in the box. She dumps them all out and then puts them back in one by one. It's so cute.
She also really likes this stack of rings. Do you see how the smallest one is on bottom (under the blue one)? She unstacked them all and then re-stacked them like this. She will sit for 10 minutes unstacking and re-stacking these rings. I love to watch her study it and try so hard.
Notice that she also is drooling like crazy! I think that 8th tooth is going to come in soon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All in One Week

This past week, Sophie has decided to go crazy with learning new things! Since last monday (Feb 6), she has:
-Learned to walk with a walker
-Gotten a 7th tooth (I guess that doesn't involve learning)
-Learned to clap her hands
-Learned to say "duck"
-Learned to growl
-Learned to blow kisses

Watching your child learn new things has to be one of the greatest blessings in the world.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little Copy-Cat

Tonight I was reminded of the importance of being a good example to Sophie.

I cut up a strawberry and put it on her tray. She's had strawberries before. She likes them. But tonight she decided she didn't. She wouldn't even touch it when I put it on her tray even though I knew she was hungry. So I gave her a few minutes, and then I tried putting one in her mouth... she spit it out... I tried again... and again... and she kept spitting it out.

So I went to do the dishes and figured I'd give it some time. She sat there and whined some. When I finished the dishes, she still hadn't eaten even one bite. I thought it was a shame to waste the strawberries, and I knew she was hungry. So I grabbed one and ate it. She stared at me. I ate another.

Then what does she do? She picks one up and eats it. In less than 5 minutes, she had all of the pieces of strawberries eaten that had previously sat on her tray for 10 minutes.

I've noticed other areas where Sophie is a copy-cat... even at 10 months, she's alert to the world around her. I'm reminded that I need to be careful and thoughtful in what I say and what I do. I desire to be an example to Sophie not only in what I avoid doing and saying but also in what I purposefully do and say. I know it won't be good enough for me to just avoid saying certain words and watching too much tv. I also must purposefully show her the love of Christ by caring for others and using my time wisely.