Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite Toys - 10 months

Some of Sophie's current favorite toys are ones that involve fine motor skills. It's so fun watching her learn! One of her favorite toys is this wooden box of blocks. She's always liked the blocks, but this weekend she's just learned how to put all the blocks back in the box. She dumps them all out and then puts them back in one by one. It's so cute.
She also really likes this stack of rings. Do you see how the smallest one is on bottom (under the blue one)? She unstacked them all and then re-stacked them like this. She will sit for 10 minutes unstacking and re-stacking these rings. I love to watch her study it and try so hard.
Notice that she also is drooling like crazy! I think that 8th tooth is going to come in soon.


  1. Thanks Briana! I started this blog for myself- to keep track of things with Sophie. But I like to read other Mom blogs, so it's fun that people enjoy reading mine too :)