Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sophie is 11 months!

Good thing it's Leap Year, or Sophie wouldn't have an official day to celebrate her 11 month birthday, since she was born on the 29th! It's hard to believe that in one month from today she turns 1!

As we do every month, we took out the age appropriate sticker (11 months), and snapped away on the camera, getting pictures. I think she gets cuter every month, but the pictures get harder to take as she gets more mobile. She is constantly on the go now, and if she even will sit still for a picture (we had to move to the rocking chair after she almost nose-dived off the couch), getting her to look is even more of a challenge. And then getting her to smile is the biggest challenge of all since she thinks I'm ruining her life by making her sit still in a chair, with no toy.

I must say that I think I got some pretty cute pictures considering!

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