Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter, Pigtails, Friends, and Independence [12 months]

Time for some pictures! Here are some pictures of Sophie from Easter...

I finally did pigtails on Sophie! She hates when I do her hair, so I usually don't try... but I was finally determined, and she was so cute! :)

I decided I needed a new picture of Sophie and Asa together, and now that they're both walking, they're go-go-go. So I set them in the rocking chair so that they were stuck :)

I LOVE watching Sophie play by herself. She's pretty good at it too. Of course, these are the times I should be getting other things done, but sometimes it's just too fun to watch her play. I especially love watching her read. It's really hard to be quiet though, and if she hears me coming toward her or open the camera, she always looks up...

But I did get one picture of reading :)

She's growing up so much lately! I realized yesterday that she says the word bellybutton when she sees my bellybutton (so silly!), and I asked her yesterday what a cow says, and she said, "mmm" for "moo." She's always surprising me with how smart she is! She also likes making me clap my hands and feeding me cheerios. One of my favorite things that she does right now is that she'll pick up a book and then come over and sit on my lap for me to read it. I sure do love this little girl :)


  1. What a sweetie! Love the pictures :)

  2. Daisy has recently started loving books, too! They must have learned it together in class:) So cute!