Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lover of Driving

 Sophie is also a lover of driving! It all began one day when we were still at school and she discovered her friend Sadie's Cozy Coupe car. She became obsessed with it and even had an attitude when it was other kids' turn.

So we decided she needed her own, and Grandma Miller went out and got her her very own pink car.

She also loves to "drive" Daddy's car, golf carts, tractors, and anything else anyone will let her get her hands on. And she affectionately says, "bop bop" for "beep beep" when she gets in.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lover of Animals

In Sophie's first year of life, she didn't have a lot of chances to get used to animals because most people at school didn't have any. Since we've been at Ben's parents' house for a month, she has gotten to hang out with a lot of animals, and she is now obsessed with them. 

The first animal she really got to know and like was Shep the dog. He doesn't really care for Sophie, so he usually walks away when she comes near. I make him sit sometimes so she can pet him though...

Sophie LOVES the kitties, and the good thing is, these kitties love her too. There are two, and they are both the nicest cats. She pets them, picks them up, pushes them, and hits them, and they put up with all of it without scratching, hissing, or running away. Sophie calls them "diddy" for "kitty."

She also loves to walk down to the barn to see the goats (and pig). We do this every day, usually about 3 times, and then she also often tries to talk Grandpa and Grandma into going down with her too.