Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sophie Loves Summer

Sophie LOVES summertime. She loves being outside. The heat doesn't even phase her. She likes to ride in her car, go down her slide, go for rides in her wagon or stroller, run around, get in the kiddy pool, and find dogs to pet. 

She loves to go to the park.

She loves sweetcorn.

She loves the county fair where she can see animals.

We've been having a great summer so far. We've visited lots of friends, and we've done lots of fun things. 

New Things Sophie's Doing/Saying: She points out eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, hands, and feet (and tries to say them all), she says "down," she learned how to eat corn on the cob, she says goat and kitty, she "jumps" (her feet don't really come off the ground) and says the word, she says "Noooo!" (it's real fun!), she doesn't like to share, she pretends (it's so cute- she pretend to eat and drink and she pretends to pick up things and hand them to you).

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