Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Miller#2 Update [19 Weeks]

[18 weeks]
I can't believe I'm 19 weeks today! Time seems to be flying with this pregnancy. I thought it would be good to give an update on the pregnancy!

Sickness: I've been feeling mostly better since 13 weeks. I would say that's when the morning sickness officially went away. I have had some random bouts of sickness here and there (threw up twice since then), which didn't happen with Sophie, but I think my stomach is just a little weaker than normal and I have to be careful around gross diapers and stinky food. I've had heartburn a few times already and anticipate the heartburn to be the same as with Sophie. I have far more energy than I did in the first trimester (I was taking naps everyday then and am back to not napping).

Movement: With Sophie, I didn't feel movement until 21 weeks, and at that point, it was kicking I felt. I know many women talk about feeling "flutters" first, being kicking... but I've never felt flutters with either of my babies. Just went right to kicks. That being said, I felt this one SO much earlier than I did with Sophie! I'm positive I started feeling kicks by 16 weeks, and I think I even started feeling them at 15 weeks. This baby moves ALL.THE.TIME! I'm just amazing how much he/she kicks. I would seriously be worried if I went more than half a day without feeling kicks. With Sophie, I never worried about not feeling movement because she moved so little in the womb. The little kicks are so fun and reassuring!

Gender: Still a mystery to us right now. We're hoping to find out next week!

Weight Gain: I'm guessing I'm going to gain about the same as what I gained with Sophie. I've gained 6 pounds so far, and as you can tell, I'm not showing very much yet. No maternity clothes yet. Which is nice since my normal closet supplies me with more choices :)

I'll update you next week with ultrasound pictures and hopefully a gender reveal!

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