Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sophie Happenings


Sophie has worn all of her hair in pigtails. However, we had to redo them 3 times during the day because she moves around too much. So I decided it's really not worth it yet to do pigtails.

Sophie ate a cake pop to learn if she was going to get a little sister or a little brother! To be honest, she didn't care about the sister or brother part. She just wanted as many cake pops as we would let her have.

I heard the fan going in the room that Owen, the boy we babysit, sleeps in. Sophie's not allowed to turn the fan on unless I tell her she can, so I went to investigate... and this is what I found. I just couldn't punish her for this. It was too cute...  (as a side note, she LOVES her Bear and Baby right now... she feeds them, rocks them, takes them on wagon rides, and apparently even puts them to bed now)

And a favorite snack... apples! I love it that she can eat them whole because it saves me time. Yesterday she ate the ENTIRE thing... well, I think she did spit the stem out. Anyways, I'm glad she loves apples, and she's super cute when she eats them.

I'm so thankful for this little girl, and she makes me excited about having another one!


  1. awe!! Ezra loves apples too- eating them whole which is just too cute for words.
    She is such a doll!!

  2. Curtis loves eating whole apples too, but he's not too keen on the skin so he spits it out, therefor I eat the skin all around the apple first and then hand it to him. It's so cute how girls love babies and my boy loves balls and trains. Our little babies are growing up too fast! So excited for your trip to PNG ( the place where my hubby was suppose to go back in 2000- but unfortunately had to stay in Australia- where we met =)