Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baby Miller #2 Update [25 Weeks]

[22 Weeks]

Wait, what did that say? 25 weeks??? Wow, this pregnancy is flying by! I know everyone says your pregnancies after your first go much faster because you're busier, but I think the main reason it's going faster for me is because I'm not wishing the moments away. With Sophie, I didn't have a child yet, and I just couldn't WAIT to meet her. Of course, I can't wait to meet this sweet little girl, but I don't want to wish away the moments I have with Sophie right now because I'm enjoying her too much. And by time this little girl comes, Sophie will almost be TWO! I'm not ready to wish away these months. So I'm just enjoying them for tall they're worth :)

Sickness: I get heartburn every night now, and I get it throughout the day if I eat more than 3 bites too. It kind of stinks, but it could be worse, and I'm holding out hope that it means this baby will have a lot of hair too! I take tums, but it never takes it completely away. I haven't thrown up since around 20 weeks, so it's nice to be staying away from the toilet. I have a lot of energy. I love the second trimester. 

Movement: I still feel kicks all the time, and now I feel movement as well. It's so amazing <3. I learned that the reason I feel this baby so much more than Sophie is because my placenta is in a different spot. So interesting, but it makes sense. Occasionally, all the kicks and movement are uncomfortable, but it's so enjoyable and reassuring to feel this little life inside of me.

Pain: No real pain yet. My back was hurting pretty bad the other day, and I realized it was because I was still sleeping on my belly sometimes. So sadly, I've had to give up the belly sleeping. Sleeping on just my back and side has definitely improved the condition of my back.

Gender: We found out 6 weeks ago that we're having another sweet little girl. We are so excited. I was guessing boy, so I was surprised! It will be so fun for Sophie to have a sister close in age, and it will be nice to be able to use all of Sophie's clothes again.

Weight Gain: I'm up 14 pounds now! I only gained 21 pounds total with Sophie, so I think I'm going to gain more than I did with her. That's fine though, because I started at a lower weight than I did with her. I'm still wearing my regular jeans (no maternity), but I am having to start to unbutton and use my bella band as the buttons are getting uncomfortable. Maternity will still be too big for me though.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sophie's Development [18 Months]

Sophie has recently learned how to match puzzle pieces with her puzzle (the cow piece goes to the cow picture). It's neat to see her connecting this as in the past she has just tried to randomly throw the puzzle pieces on the puzzle board. This also means we have a new toy to occupy Sophie!

And incase you're wondering about her outfit in the photo above... Sophie was invited to her first birthday party! It was a ballerina birthday party for a three-year old girl, so we dressed Sophie up. She didn't love it when I gave her the buns, but they were a must for a ballerina party.

Sophie ADORES helping her daddy as he works. She likes his tools (she knows that they have buttons, which is fun for her, but she likes the screwdriver and hammer and others tools without buttons too). She also likes to help mommy with cleaning and cooking. Her cooking skills still need a lot of work, however.

Sophie has also recently discovered her love for movies. Ben discovered a few colorful movies with kid songs on youtube, and Sophie is slightly obsessed with a few of them. We monitor her time with watching them, because I really don't want her to watch tv all day, but it's nice that we have this option now as we will be going on a l o n g flight soon! Whenever she wants to watch her videos, she says "bus" because she loves "The Wheels on the Bus" song.

Sophie has also been asking for her pacifier more recently. We would like to wean her from it by time she's 2, so we'll see how that goes. We also would like to potty train (she's gone in the potty about 3 times now) and move her to a big girl bed when we get back from PNG, so that along with having a new baby in February is going to make the beginning of 2013 a bit crazy, I think.

She's also began pointing out who people are a bunch ... like mama and dada. But if you ask her where Sophie is, she points at herself now... so she knows who she is now :) She still can't say her name though.

Loves: books (she loves to have me read to her and especially likes books that we can sing to and "We're Going on a Bear Hunt"), puzzles, dogs, food (especially cheese- which is funny, since I'm allergic), pacifier and blankie, baths, playgrounds, pretending and "helping," grandparents and aunts and uncles, water (in her cup), shoes, hiding

Dislikes: Being dirty or having stuff stuck to her (what kind of 1 year old is she?), having her hair washed in the bath or really having her hair done at all, being "stuck" (which includes having her hands or legs being held or being strapped into things), being dropped off at nursery (but thankfully she does well once I leave)