Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who Needs a Baby Doll When...

Who needs a baby doll when you have a flashlight? Sophie began liking baby dolls over the summer but has really gotten into them a lot in the last month. We had to pack really lightly to go into Pei, so a baby doll wasn't one of the things we took with us. But no worries! Sophie found a flashlight and began rocking and "hushing" it. So I gave her a pot holder and turned a little wooden bench upside down, and then she had a blanket and cradle for her baby! 

She also used a scotch-rite scrubby and an iphone as babies too. 

And to round out this post... here's a picture of the adorable "mother" to the flashlight baby.


  1. That is so precious. God has created quite the creative, satisfied mind in Sophie!

  2. Oh my...that is so cute! I love the flashlight in the potholder...what a sweetie:)