Friday, January 4, 2013

Baby Miller #2 [36 Weeks]

Sickness: Continuing to have heartburn. Otherwise, feeling pretty good in this category. 

Movement: She still loves to poke her body out, and she particularly likes to poke her leg and foot out on my left side. I feel her hiccup down low which makes me so glad she's staying head down! I feel her the most at night when trying to go to sleep (go figure). 

Pain: I'm still not really having pain. I haven't had braxton hicks contractions yet. I did have this weird pain right under my right breast while at the end of my pregnancy with Sophie, and I always thought it was her foot or something lodged in a rib until I went in for NST (non stress test) at 40 weeks pregnant. Everytime I had that feeling (it's not very painful- it's more like a weird numbing feeling), the screen said I was having a contraction. So it must somehow be related to me starting contractions! But anyways, I started having that same feeling in the same spot this past week.  I also am feeling a lot more pressure down low, especially when I first wake up in the morning... it's not so much painful though as it is uncomfortable.

Other Symptoms: I've had the bloody nose thing for a couple of weeks now. It happened at the end of my pregnancy with Sophie too. Mostly it just gets bad overnight, but my nose feels dry all the time.

Weight Gain: I'm at 146 now, so I'm up 26 pounds. I think my end weight with Sophie was 148, so I'll be close to the same.

Weird Interesting Fact: So I never had any cravings with Sophie or with this one, but I feel like this could be considered a craving since it's weird. I've had this weird desire to eat snow when I see it (which I never do when not pregnant) or to chew on ice when it's in my cup (which I never usually do). I suppose this "craving" started right before coming home from PNG- I was sitting one day in the 110 degree heat, thinking about how we would be coming home to snow, and I thought, "hmm, I would like to eat some snow right now" (not surprising, since I was sweating and hot). But now I'm home, in the cold weather, and I want to eat snow and chew on ice whenever I see it. I suppose it's not a bad thing- since snow and ice are ultimately water, and I never drink as much water as I should... but it's just so funny to me because I think I finally know what a craving is like.


  1. Just don't eat the yellow snow! ;)

  2. I have loved chewing on ice with every single one of my pregnancies. Some say it's Pica -- a symptom of iron deficiency -- so you could be slightly anemic. You look awesome and I can't believe you're only 4 weeks from the due date.

  3. You are adorable :) My pre-pregnancy weight was the same as yours, but I made it all the way up to 160. Blah! I'm still trying to get the rest of it off. But anyway, I loved reading this update! Keep them coming! Can't wait to meet your little girl.