Sunday, January 6, 2013

From Baby to Little Big Girl

It's hard to believe that this little girl...

has turned into this little big girl...

I don't spend a lot of time being sad about Sophie getting bigger and older because I love every stage with her, and really, I love her more with each new stage. But if I think too much about it, I can be a little sad. Lately, with the new baby coming soon, we have had a list of things we have wanted to do to transition Sophie.

1. Move her to a big girl bed
2. Get rid of the pacifier
3. Potty train

We planned to wait until we got back from our trip to Papua New Guinea before making any changes, as heading to PNG would be transition enough for Sophie. Then we also needed to wait until Christmas was over. The only problem is that that gave us about 5 weeks. 

We decided to switch to the big girl bed first. We had to move things around anyways with new Christmas toys and moving in little newborn baby things, so we took down the crib and put up the twin bed. We moved out toys Sophie had outgrown and set up her new fun toys. Daddy bought her fun new minnie mouse sheets and added a bedrail. So now, this is what her room looks like... 

So how did she transition to the big girl bed? Wonderfully! She only tried to get out of the bed once- when I put her down for her nap on the 2nd day in the bed - she was told twice to stay in the bed (the second time with a spanking), and she's stayed in bed every other time. She seems to like her big girl bed, and she seems to understand well that she doesn't get out of it without mommy or daddy getting her (unless it's morning and it's light out- the other morning she slept in until almost 9am!!! (she's getting over a cold - that's not usual), and she woke up the same time Ben got up. Ben heard her getting up, so he headed to her room, and she was climbing out of her bed and heading toward her fan. She turned it off, then turned around and saw Ben and said, "All done!" It was the cutest thing).

The paci was next. I was dreading taking away the pacifier. It's been a life-saver way too many times, and I was imagining hell on earth when we took it away. Well, she was sick, so I figured we had to wait until she was at least done being sick. Ben thought differently. He said, "Why don't we just take it away now since she's not sleeping as well anyway." I thought it was a terrible idea, but I told him that as long as he would get up with her too in the night, that if he really wanted to, we could. So Tuesday, January 1 was the big day. Ben cut off the tip of her paci. She was so sad right away. She tried putting it in her mouth once and then never would even try after that. She would whine for her paci or hand it to me and say, "No" in a sad voice. The first couple nights it took her a while to fall asleep- up to 40 minutes. She fussed on and off those nights, and really, her cough that she had is what made it worse because she would almost fall asleep, and then her cough would wake her up again and she'd fuss. The first night she slept in our bed for half the night. 

The first nap was the worst. She refused to nap (well, she fell asleep, but then coughed 10 minutes later and wouldn't go back to sleep). She was so cranky. Finally, around 4pm, she fell asleep on daddy while watching a TV show. 

Every other day has gone well! She's fussed for less than 10 minutes for every nap and bedtime since then, and she's slept in her own bed until morning. She also doesn't ask for her paci anymore. So 3 days of success now! Feeling optimistic that we are on the uphill. I thought it would be much worse, so I'm feeling thankful. (And I'm thankful that Ben just made us do it and take away the paci- I probably would have tried to push it off forever.)

Potty training is our last thing to tackle. She's gone on the potty, but nothing consistent. I actually thought this would be the first thing I would tackle months ago when I started thinking about all of this, but I'm feeling much less motivated in this area than I thought I would. It would be wonderful to only have one in diapers and not two, but I'm also 36 weeks pregnant and not feeling super motivated to be on top of potty training. So we'll see if it happens before Baby Girl comes or not.

Overall, Ben and I are so thankful for little big girl Sophie. She is such a blessing to our lives and she really is a good girl. My mom likes to tell me that this means the next one will be a terror. I know we'll love our next little girl for whoever she is, but I really wouldn't mind another one like Sophie :)


  1. The new picture caught me off guard, wow! Big girl Sophie:)

  2. oh goodness! I didn't realize how much she's changed (or that I still haven't met her, haha)! Will you have a shower for baby2?