Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brielle's Development: 4 Months

Brielle is 4 months and 3 days old.

She's gotten better at tummy time... she can lift her head up more and doesn't get frustrated as easily. She also has rolled over a few more times. She's learned to roll from her back to her side this past month.

She's super fast at nursing now!

Recently, she's also learned to grab for toys. I LOVE when babies start doing this... they are so slow and deliberate, and it's just too cute to watch.

Her schedule really hasn't changed much since last month. She continues to eat either 6 or 7 times a day, and she wakes up once during the night to eat, sometime between 4am and 6am. It'll be nice when she no longer wakes up during the night, but for now, I don't complain because Sophie was waking up 2 or 3 times a night at this age! She does stay awake longer between each nap now though which is nice! Previously she only stayed awake for 60-70 minutes between naps, but now she's able to stay happy and entertained for up to an hour and a half.

Loves: Playmat, bumbo, baths, chewing on her hands, being changed (I know, this is a weird one... but she giggles when we change her shirt. Sophie cried when we changed her, so I love this! Apparently, she's ticklish)

Dislikes: When I swaddle her (working on dropping it, but she's still not ready), being buckled into her carseat, bottles (she's refusing to take one)

Videos: Two Weeks of Learning

I took a video of Sophie singing ABCs and a couple of other songs 2 weeks ago (May 16, to be exact). It was right before bedtime, so she was being a bit ornery, but it was still cute. That video is the first one. Well, in just two weeks (actually, less!), she has learned SO much more of her alphabet! I'm amazed! In the second video, recorded today, she sings a lot more of the letters! She also was more cooperate in that video. So for those who are interested, here are some Sophie videos for your viewing pleasure!

Sophie and Brielle: Side-by-Side 4 Months

I decided it was time to compare Sophie and Brielle pictures again, now that Brielle just turned 4 months. They definitely have their own looks! Sophie has all that hair and a longer, thinner face, while Brielle has peach fuzz and a nice, round baby head :) People often think Brielle looks bigger than Sophie did, but weight-wise, they're actually similar. I have a better camera now, so Brielle's photo quality is better. Sophie always had her tongue out - something Brielle doesn't do! Sophie also had a birth mark on her lip - Brielle doesn't :) It was always so hard to get Sophie to look at the camera - it's much easier to get Brielle to look!

I think it's pretty obvious, but Sophie is on the left, and Brielle is on the right :)

For these ones below, I just chose some of my favorite pictures of both girls around 4 months... the two on top are Sophie and the two on bottom are Brielle (I guess I should have kept with the left and right theme like above).

I love my two girls who have their individual looks and I'm sure will also have individual personalities as they grow up :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sophie's Development [2 Year, 2 Months]

Sophie's not quite 2 months into her second year, but close enough. Yes, it's true... I have a two year-old. She certainly shows her sinful, naughty side often enough... but I would say overall that the twos haven't been terrible (yet). :)

Words: She's speaking Spanish now! haha. She loves Dora and has learned the words "abre" (open) and "ayudame" (help me), and uses them appropriately. She doesn't say them perfectly, but she doesn't say her English words perfectly either. She continues to talk a lot.

Learning: She's counting to 14 now! She still often skips the number 3, and sometimes she says "eleventeen" instead of eleven. Love it! She has learned more letters when she sings her ABCs. For colors, she knows purple and yellow but still is 50/50 on the rest of her colors.

Sleep: Great, other than waking up earlier some mornings now! With it getting lighter earlier in the morning, she sometimes wakes up closer to 6:45 (or even 6:30 occasionally) rather than my desired time of 7:30... or 8. haha, I love my sleep! She does take great naps though. And I love summertime, so I won't complain about it getting light out early.

Potty Training: Other than nap and nighttime, I consider Sophie to be completely potty trained. She does still have accidents several times a week, but the majority of her pee and poo goes in the toilet, and she tells me when she has to go... so I consider her trained :)

Funny Things: This child is so OCD! One night she climbed into bed and was getting ready to lay down on her pillow and said, "Uh oh!" I asked her what the matter was, and she proceeds to take her pillow and turn it around and said, "There." Apparently, it's not acceptable for Minnie Mouse to not be facing the right way when Sophie sleeps on her pillow. She also has gotten to the stage where she is good at thinking of excuses for why she must get out of bed before falling asleep at night... my favorite one is when she comes out and says, "I got boogie!" and shows us the booger that is on her finger. We make her go to bed with a tissue now. She also tells us all.the.time: "I very hungry!" Another thing she's been doing lately is getting down on all 4s and saying, "I doggy" and then licking my leg. Lovely. One week, we were shopping for clothes for Sophie and she got tired of us trying them on... so when I went to get her dressed the next morning she cried out, "No Mommy, it fit me! It fit me!"

Sweet Things: She comes up to me and says, "I love you Mommy" or "I missed you sooo much, Mommy" and hugs my leg. So sweet! She also is such a sweetheart to Brielle (most of the time- other than when she threw a book at her head or when she purposefully stepped on her...). When she starts getting grouchy, Sophie will say, "It ok, Bee-elle." She also tells her she loves her and that she's cute (Bee-elle sooo cute). She gives kisses and hugs (death hugs) to her too. She asks me, "Where daddy at?" when he's gone.

Bible Knowledge: She's beginning to understand better, so I've been reading her stories from her Bible story book. She now asks me to show her pictures of the following: the "naughty snake", Noah, Jesus, and Sarah. She also enjoys singing Jesus Loves Me.

Foods: Mac N Cheese, frozen waffles (still frozen is still her favorite way), chocolate, yogurt, fruit, applesauce, hot dogs

Likes: seeing family (aunts, uncles, grandparents), going outside, wagon rides, tv shows (dora, curious george, elmo, blue's clues), cameras, drawing (scribbling), eating, baths, swinging, going on walks outside

Dislikes: bedtime, not being able to do something (she's impatient), being dropped off at nursery, leaving family, having to share

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brielle's Development: 3 Months

Brielle is now 3 months and 6 days. She is growing a lot physically! She looks older and chubbier. She is also stronger.

Brielle loves to stand on her legs now (with help obviously)! She's almost sure to smile if your hold her up so that she can stand. She's gotten good enough head control so that she can sit in her bumbo for a little while now. She is also out of her newborn cloth diapers and completely into one size now!

She's found her hands this month and loves to chew/suck on them!

Her schedule is not always the same, but she typically eats 7 times in a 24 hour period (sometimes 6). She has been sleeping in until 6am most days and occasionally has gone all the way until 7am. I'm loving the sleep I'm getting!

Loves: bouncer, standing, bath time, and the other normal baby likes (Mom, milk, clean diaper)

Dislikes: being buckled into her carseat, tummy time (she's starting to do better but she really doesn't care for it)

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures from the last month...