Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sophie and Brielle: Side-by-Side 4 Months

I decided it was time to compare Sophie and Brielle pictures again, now that Brielle just turned 4 months. They definitely have their own looks! Sophie has all that hair and a longer, thinner face, while Brielle has peach fuzz and a nice, round baby head :) People often think Brielle looks bigger than Sophie did, but weight-wise, they're actually similar. I have a better camera now, so Brielle's photo quality is better. Sophie always had her tongue out - something Brielle doesn't do! Sophie also had a birth mark on her lip - Brielle doesn't :) It was always so hard to get Sophie to look at the camera - it's much easier to get Brielle to look!

I think it's pretty obvious, but Sophie is on the left, and Brielle is on the right :)

For these ones below, I just chose some of my favorite pictures of both girls around 4 months... the two on top are Sophie and the two on bottom are Brielle (I guess I should have kept with the left and right theme like above).

I love my two girls who have their individual looks and I'm sure will also have individual personalities as they grow up :)

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