Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Know Your Toddler is OCD when...

...When she yells "Uh oh!" everytime the baby (Brielle) drools or spits up and runs to grab a blanket and wipe it up (today that included throwing down the phone when she was talking to grandma so that she could get the blanket quickly)

...When she loves to line things up (Okay, so I think this is somewhat of a toddler tendency in general, but it amazes me how many times I find things lined up. I took all of the pictures below in the same day!!

... When you put a bib on her and she freaks out and is nearly in tears and says, "No, that not clean bib! That messy bib!"  (she had some spaghetti stains on it from lunchtime)

... When she says, "Oh no!"while sitting in her bed and then proceeds to turn her pillow around so that Minnie is facing "the right way."

... When she gets out of bed every night to come tell you that she has a boogie and then cries when you tell her to just wipe it on her pillow (okay, so maybe this one is just a toddler antic/excuse in order to get out of bed)

... When she's having a fun ol' time painting (or coloring with markers) until she realizes it's on her hands and then she flat-out refuses to do any more painting/coloring and demands for her hands to be cleaned

... When she won't eat a cooked marshmallow because "it sticky." She also used to cry if you made her touch this one dog in a book that she has... the dog has a sticky tongue.

... When she refuses to sit in her chair at the table if there's one little speck of leftover food.

... When she remembers exactly where all of her toys go and will put them back in the right spot when she cleans up (score for Mom!)

Yes, this is my Sophie. She's 2 years and 3 months. I don't really think that she's OCD, but I do think she's very Type A. She loves order to her life, and she believes that cleanliness is next to godliness. She's learning to break out of her shell a little bit, but order and cleanliness are built into her personality, and sometimes this causes me a lot of laughs, sometimes it causes me stress, and sometimes it makes me very happy! The boy I babysit has a very different personality than Sophie, so it's fun to see them interact. I look forward to learning Brielle's personality more as she grows.

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