Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sophie's Development [2 Years, 4 Months]

In nine days, Sophie will be 2 years and 4 months... we're going to be in the middle of moving craziness then, so I'll do her update now!

Words: She amazes me often by words and phrases that she picks up on and uses appropriately. Some examples: awesome, firefly, "this will be fun," "what time is it?", scarf, toilet paper, remember, proud, thunder, high five, Cinderella, swim tube, brownie, grumpy, "It too bright outside,""I dizzy" (This part was really hard for me to remember... I really should write down things when she says them so that I can remember... I'm sure I'm forgetting some of my favorite things that she says, so if I remember, I'll just have to come back and add them). She really does repeat pretty much everything now, but I'm mostly just amazed at how quickly she picks up on the correct context of the word. The one thing she just can't seem to get is "bought/made." She always says, "Grandma made me this!" When talking about something that Grandma bought her. A couple of times lately she's corrected herself, but for some reason, this one always confuses her!

Learning: She now can count to 16, although she doesn't do so very often. She also remembers the number 3 now- yay! She also knows all of the letters in her ABCs now. The biggest thing is that she almost has all of her colors down now. There are a few that are still tricky for her that she'll sometimes get wrong, but she's pretty good with colors now!

Sleep: Blah! Last time I wrote great. Since summer has come and it stays light longer, it's been hard to get her to go to sleep, no matter how short or how long her nap is (or even if she has none!) We've been putting her down at 9 instead of 8, which is fine, but even then she still struggles to fall asleep and fights it! Thankfully, she sleeps in until at least 7, and usually closer to 7:30, and then she will come and just lay next to me in bed if I'm still sleeping. Nap time is good. She usually naps for at least 2 hours, and I often wake her up at 2 1/2 hours because she's still sleeping. I've been laying her down at around 1:30 for naps right now.

Potty Training: Great! She no longer has accidents. Still wears diapers for naps and night.

Funny Things: 
1. Sophie knows we're moving. The other day our neighbor watched her so I could run out real quick, and when I came back she told me that she was asking her about moving, and Sophie said, "Yeah, I'm moving to a new house!" And then she got a concerned face and said, "Grandma is gonna be sad." My mom told her the other day that she would be sad when we moved, and Sophie is concerned now, haha! It was cute.
2. My mom was talking to my Aunt Dawn on the phone the other day and gave the phone to Sophie. Sophie told Aunt Dawn that she was 2, and Aunt Dawn said, "You're getting so old!" Sophie said, "I two! I not old!"
3. Sophie's conversation in the bathtub: "Hello Grandma! Can you get me some toys? I just need you to get some new toys for me. Please get me some new toys." Pause. "Hello Grandma? You callin' me back? I got some new toys? Thank you for my new toys."
4. We've been having her try new foods. Or sometimes old foods that she just doesn't remember liking before. Once she eats them, she gets this little smile and says, "That not yucky! That yummy!"
5. She says, "I need a break" or "I takin' a break" when she has been carrying things around and sets them down or when she is playing something and stops.
6. Our neighbor dog died. At first I told her that he was gone. Then after saying that a lot, I realized that I could explain to her about death. So I told her he got old and died. So she was playing with a little toy dog at our friend's house and did this little screech, and I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Oh no! The dog died!" (ok, so maybe this one is more morbid than funny)
7. She calls people "somenabody" (somebody) when she doesn't know their name. This isn't funny until she's looking at a picture and listing everyone: "Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, Somenabody, Becca, Katie..." and she just says Somenabody like it's the person's name. Or when she's been hanging out with a little kid her age for a couple of hours and keeps calling them Somenabody.
8. The other day Sophie was playing with Owen outside. She pushed him and I told her that she needed to be nice or she was going to have to go inside (she had already gotten a spanking for being mean earlier). So she heads to the door and says, "I can't go inside." I told her she would have to wait until I could come help and asked her if she wanted to stay outside for now. She says, "No. I don't want to be nice." Sigh. Since then I asked her to sit on the couch one time when she was being too rough with Brielle. Same thing, "I not getting down. I don't wanna be nice." Apparently time outs don't work as punishment for Sophie. She's not the least bit upset to have to sit on a couch or on a chair. Good thing we believe in spanking.
9. She LOVES to play pretend. She'll scream and say "Oh no! Swiper coming!" and come jump in my lap (Swiper is the bad guy from Dora). She also likes to pretend there's a lion outside, and sometimes we go get him with a "rope" and "pull" him down our driveway, and sometimes she just yells on the porch, "LION! GO AWAY, LION!" and I just smile and think that our single neighbors must think my child is crazy.

Bible Knowledge: She knows some more stories now. Her favorite is the story of David and Goliath- she just knows Goliath as the Giant though. She also knows who Jesus is now... I had to teach her that he was a boy because she was confused since he had long hair. We just recently read through the story of Joseph, and she likes his colorful coat and says, "Oh no! His coat!" when it's not on Joseph anymore. She's getting better at praying. She usually will just pray for the things I pray for ("Thank for you today. Help me sleep good. And mommy. And Bee-elle. And daddy" I always tell her daddy doesn't need prayers to help him sleep good), but sometimes she prays for things that she thinks of on her own... yesterday she thanked Jesus for her babies after she played with them all morning :). I really want to start teaching her some Bible verses but have been slacking, and so now I'm planning on waiting until after our move. She's definitely ready to start learning some. She has a great memory.

Foods: Waffles, yogurt, applesauce, hot dogs (this girl can eat THREE in one sitting!), marshmallows, chips, pretzels, oranges

Likes: Babies, playing with water, pretending, seeing family, wagon and stroller rides, Dora, Nemo, Cinderella, swinging,  play-doh, lining things up, making Brielle laugh, putting money in her piggy bank, bubbles, songs, books

Dislikes: Bedtime, leaving family, messiness, big slides

Monday, July 1, 2013

Brielle's Development: 5 Months


Five months already! Being a mother causes such a war to go on in your heart. In one part of your heart, you want this sweet baby to never get bigger or older and to stay little and tiny and in your arms forever. In the other part, your heart soars and leaps with each new development, each "first," every additional arm and thigh roll. And it certainly is amazing how fast those developments and "firsts" and rolls come!

This past month, Brielle has learned to roll from her back to her belly. She does it quite a bit, too!

She also has found her feet and likes to grab for them and sometimes can get them to her mouth. :)

She's getting better at grabbing and holding things as well.

This past month we struggled and tried everything to get Brielle to take a bottle, but she has made it evident that she's going to be the winner in this :)

We also no longer swaddle her arms! I still use the swaddle for her body, but it's nice that she can sleep just as well now without her arms swaddled, since she is rolling more!

Her schedule has changed a little. I completely dropped her "dreamfeed" at 10pm about a month ago, and she slept in just as long in the morning without it. She now typically nurses at 5 or 6am, 8am (I always wake her at this time to start her day), 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 7pm. The times she nurses can vary, but she needs all 6 nursing sessions usually. She's usually awake for between 70 minutes up to 90 minutes. After her last nap of the day, she sometimes is up for 2 hours straight. I have been much more strict about her routine than I was with Sophie's, and I believe this has resulted in her being a much better sleeper. It's also easier for me to read her cues and to know what she needs. She's nearly always happy as long as I can keep her routine.

Loves: Baths, chewing on my thumb (and really anything that she can get to her mouth), playmat, bumbo, exersaucer, being talked to, going on walks

Dislikes: Bottles, being buckled into her carseat (but she does good once in it), being ignored for too long, not getting good naps (she likes her naps)