Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BabyMill3 [18 Weeks]

I've been doing a poor job of blogging about my pregnancy with BabyMill3. To be fair, I had planned to do a blog post the night before I had the threatened miscarriage, and for whatever reason, it didn't happen. Then with the scare, I still felt like I was walking on pins and needles for a little while. I'm feeling comfortable and normal in my pregnancy again, so I think it's time to do an update!

Sickness: My sickness with this baby was so weird. I didn't feel sick AT ALL for so long. I thought it was great, but it was weird too since I have been sick with both girls. At first it convinced me that this one must be a boy, but then I read online that if you're breastfeeding, sometimes it takes away the morning sickness. And that must have been it because as soon as Brielle stopped breastfeeding, I started feeling more morning sickness (still not bad - and thankfully by then I was 11 weeks along, so I didn't have much of the first trimester left). I also could.not.handle gross smells. I couldn't change Brielle's diapers without gagging and throwing up. Thankfully, I am feeling mostly better now and am changing Brielle's diapers again! I've had a little bit of heartburn, but nothing too serious yet.

Movement: I didn't feel Sophie until 21 weeks and felt Brielle at 16 weeks. I felt this baby's first kick when I was in the E.R. and the lady was pushing hard on my stomach to do an ultrasound. At that point, I was 13 weeks. Around 15 weeks, I started to regularly feel the baby move. It sure is reassuring!

Weight Gain: I've gained 4.5 pounds (I lost some weight when I had all the bleeding). Basically, I think I'm growing the same as the other girls. I'm still in my regular clothes thus far. 

(7 weeks)

(10 weeks)

(14 weeks)

(18 weeks)

Brielle's Development [1 Year!]

This little girl is ONE!

What a great year it's been! She came into the world fairly easily (thank you, Baby!) and the transition from one to two was pretty easy for me. Brielle was an easy and sweet baby. She became more difficult from 6-9 months. I'm not sure if it was the move or if it was recognizing she had vocal chords but being unable to move (she always wanted Mommy!). Once she started crawling at 9 months, she became a happier baby.

It has been so fun to discover her personality. She likes attention, she is an instigator (Little Sister Syndrome?), she is a cautious daredevil (oxymoron?), she loves the outdoors and water, she is sensitive, and she loves people.

This past month she has learned to walk along furniture. She also stands for very short periods of times by letting go of something (the longest was about 15 seconds). She gets so proud of herself when she does so and starts giggling and bouncing which then results in falling :)

She claps her hands now and waves "bye bye".

She's been told "No" a lot more lately (pulling hair, playing with the toilet paper, playing in the toilet, playing with trash), and she usually cries immediately upon hearing the word.

Typical Schedule:
7:30am - Wake
8am - Banana, Toast, Bottle
10:30am- Nap (around 1 hour)
12pm - Lunch
2pm - Nap (usually 2 hours)
4pm - Snack
5:30pm - Supper
Sometimes still requires a night nap
7pm - Bottle
7:30pm - Bed