Friday, March 7, 2014

BabyMill3 [24 Weeks]

It's exciting to reach this point in pregnancy... especially after our scare at 14 weeks! 24 weeks is considered "viability" week in pregnancy, so while of course we hope our baby stays put for many more weeks, it's comforting to know that my baby can live in the world safely at this point.

[Checking out BabyMill 3 and discovering we're having another girl!]

Sickness: I've felt good and no longer gag over Brielle's diaper which is a relief. I do have heartburn, as usual, but it hasn't been too awful yet.

Gender: We now know that this baby is a GIRL! I never felt very strongly either way, but I was leaning a little more toward girl when we had the ultrasound. We are excited about having three little girls and aren't disappointed in the least about not having a boy, which we consider a blessing since some people very honestly struggle with gender disappointment.

Movement: This baby is a mover and a kicker. I feel her lots! It's reassuring but also sometimes so weird to feel so much movement inside of you. I can see her kick from the outside now too

Weight Gain: I'm up 9 pounds now. Still wearing my regular clothes but I sometimes wear maternity shirts because I can :)

Other Discomforts: I never can complain about too much. I have had calf cramping quite a bit lately, but otherwise, I feel good.

[22 Weeks]

[Sophie loves doing this picture with me now]