Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sophie's Development [3 1/2]

Sophie is a sweet and sensitive girl. She has a huge imagination and loves to play pretend. She doesn't like to disappoint, but she can have a strong will. She loves being in control... big sister syndrome. She loves animals, including insects, and especially wooly bear worms. She is cautious and usually lets Brielle try new things before she will. She loves stuffed animals (and has way too many), and the smaller a toy is, the happier it makes her. She has become more interested in Bible stories lately and talks about sin and Jesus quite a bit. She hates having her hair brushed, and she struggles when asked to share with Brielle. She's social and loves having friends to play with, and she especially likes older kids.

New Things:
-Dresses herself and undresses herself (but still isn't great at it)
-Recognizes S, O, and P in her name (and a few other letters), and can write an S, but usually does it backwards
-Can draw some animals
-LOVES animals and is learning to take care of them

What's your favorite food? Mac N Cheese and ice cream
What's your favorite thing to play with? spinny toy (a top that she just got today... so basically, she likes her newest toys)
What's your favorite movie or show? Frozen
What's your favorite song? "It's Bubblin'"
What's your favorite book? Pinocchio and Jesus Storybook Bible
What do you like to do with Brielle? Bother her
What do you want to do when you get older? Dress up in costumes and dress up as a monster
What's your favorite animal? alpacas and doggies and horses

Sweet Things She's Said:
- “Mom” “What?” “If Jesus is here, he can take care of me.”
- (Brielle is whining, playing on the other side of the lawn) Me: “Brielle does not like being by herself, does she?” Sophie: “Yeah, but she’s not by herself.” Me: “Oh, she’s not?” Sophie: “Yeah, Jesus is with her. And he’s with me too. He’s everywhere.”

Funny Things She's Said:
- “Ew. Ice cream is yucky when it gets in my undies.”
- “I almost fell! And I almost didn’t like that!”
- Sophie: “Kai has one of those things like Daddy. One of those wobble, wobble things.” Me: “Sophie, it’s called a penis.” Sophie: “Why did God make boys out of peanuts?”
- Sophie, after burping: “Ew! That was a yucky one.”
- Sophie: “I have to go to the bathroom!” (Hands Aunt Brianna coins) “Nana, hold these for me. But don’t touch them with your hands.”
- “Thank you God for flowers, and corn, and ‘matoes. Even though I don’t like ‘matoes.”
- (After whining for a minute in the back of the car; me ignoring her) “Mom, I shouldn’t whine. Whining isn’t good.”
- (After picking tomatoes in the garden) “Mom, that last tomato I picked was a little scared to be picked.”
- (Holding “Ticket to Ride” game) Sophie: “Mommy, can I play this?” Me: “No, it’s a game for Mommy and Daddy.” Sophie: “But I think I can handle it.”
- (While sitting at the table) “Mom, I’m working hard at this coloring. I’m going to have to sit and take a break soon.”
- (Holding her black stuffed animal dog) Sophie: “Mom, me and my pet dog are sisters forever.”  Me: “Oh. What about you and Brielle? Are you sisters forever?” Sophie: “No. She pulls my hair, so we’re not sisters forever.”
- Sophie: “Mom, what kind of snack is this?” Me: “It’s a ring pop.” Sophie (gasping): “A ring pop?! Lucky me!!”
- “Mom, while I sleep, I want you to watch over my fish and pick up my blocks.”
- Me: “Sophie, why do you keep moving all around?” Sophie: “Because I’m looking for where my undies won’t go in my butt.”
- “Mommy, sometime can I have a pet baby deer?”
-(Sitting in grocery store parking lot) Sophie: "Mom, what's that girl's name?" (Pointing out the window to the girl sitting in the car next to us). Me: "I don't know. She's not my friend." (Pause for a while) Sophie:"Maybe that girl next to me's name is Pretty Noodle."