Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brielle's Development [21 Months]

Brielle is 21 months old. This is the age where these updates start becoming more interesting, I decided. She's starting to talk more and do funny things. Brielle is for sure my crazy, adventurous, and silly child. She loves to make people laugh.

Her personality is interesting to me. In some ways, she's extremely independent and does her own thing. In other ways, she is extremely dependent and wants to be held all the time. She is at a whiny stage and cries to get her point across... never my favorite.

We switched to one nap these past few months, and her sleep has gotten a little crazy, but it's mostly settled now. Here is what her typical schedule looks like:

8-8:30am - Wake up, eat
12pm - Eat
1pm- Nap (naps for anywhere from 2-3 hours)
5:30pm- Supper
7:30-8pm - Bedtime

 Rather than making a list, I'll use pictures to show her likes and dislikes.

Brielle loves wagon rides. Which is a bummer as the days get colder. But when it was warm, we did wagon rides every day.

Brielle loves food. Her love language, pretty much.

She loves her little sister. She doesn't like when anyone else holds her, and she yells her name whenever she sees her: "Iya!" 

She loves her big sister too. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see that she is happily carrying all of Sophie's stuffed animals because Sophie asked her to. That's true love.

She also copies everything Sophie does. Sophie posed like this in the grass, so Brielle immediately laid down and wanted a picture taken of her.

 Brielle is super silly. I love her silliness. (She also apparently loves water, as all of these silly pictures portray.)

She loves being held. She's not afraid to ask anyone to hold her. 

Oh, and notice this blanky and paci? (Picture credit goes to Sophie.) A couple of months ago, this is  what Brielle always looked like. I was worried that giving up the paci was going to be hard, especially because Lyla uses the same one. I figured we would try to cut off the end just like we did with Sophie's, but I thought I might wait a little longer to do so (we cut Sophie's at 21 months).

Well, last week we forgot it at a friend's house. So I tried to give her one of Lyla's, but she just kept saying "Iya!" and would't take it. So, she no longer uses a paci! Yay!

Brielle also has an obsession with toothpaste and brushing her teeth. But mostly with just licking the toothpaste.

Brielle doesn't like her dog, Milo.

But she does love kitties, which she has none of.

Other likes: Doing crazy things like jumping off of stairs and doing somersaults and being held upside down and being spun in circles and repeating anything that has made someone laugh, car rides, playing outside (oh, boo! winter is coming), baby dolls (this is a new like of hers), baths, my Swedish Fish (I have to hide them), biting things

Other dislikes: Baths (yes, this was on her "like" list too... she's indecisive... right now she likes them, but a month ago she freaked out every time she had  to take one), being told she can't do anything that Sophie can do, sitting for more than 10 seconds (she won't watch TV or listen to a whole book)

New Words: sit, goat, duck, snack, button (for belly button), ears, teeth, mouth, toes, eyes, hands, hair, diaper, wipe, butt, poop (ha! the important words for a toddler, you know), mail, blanky, paci, thank you, snack, mess (when Lyla spits up, she yells out "mess!"), drive, bath, shirt, pants, socks, night-night

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lyla's Development [4 Months]

Lyla is 4 months old!! Yay for another month with this sweet, healthy baby girl! This past month, she rolled from back to belly for the first time! I was shocked, as it seemed earlier than when my other girls rolled that way (but I haven't checked for sure)!! She also has started sitting up in her bumbo. She spits up a little less, but she drools more. She still snorts, smiles, and talks quite a bit!

Likes: Blanky, paci, talking, being talked to, TV, nursing, sleeping, chewing on her hands

Dislikes: Sudden, loud talking, sisters sitting on her or kicking her, baths

8:30/9am- Wake up, nurse
12pm - Nurse
3pm - Nurse
5:30pm- Nurse
8/9pm- Nurse
4/5am- Nurse
(She generally eats 6 times a day, but sometimes 7. She usually is awake for about an hour between each feeding, but sometimes a little longer)