Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lyla's Development (6 Months)

This baby is half a year old. Half.a.year. Sweet baby, you're growing fast. Third babies do that to you, I guess. I've been able to really cherish my time with her and have some good time with just her, so I'm thankful.

Those ears, baby girl... yeah, sorry. Those are mine. Your hair will cover them in time :)

Lyla is definitely my littlest baby. I think she's weighing in around a whopping 11 pounds these days. I love her tininess, although at times it worries me. This past month we've started solids. And she's a champ at them, just like her big sis Brielle was. I started with avocado, and the first time her moving tongue couldn't keep it in very well. But by the second time, she had it down. We've also done banana. I just give her tiny chunks. I tried baby food from a jar the other day, and she could not get the concept. It was all over her and more came out than stayed in. So I'm going to stick with the real food as much as I can. 

Remember how last month we dropped a feeding? Yeah, well, this month we added it back in. She seriously has become a porker. She nurses six times and has solids now as well. She also has become pretty grouchy. She was a fairly easy and content baby who slept amazingly... and then this month, she decided to give me a run for my money... or a run for my sleep, at least. 

She's not really doing anything else new. She's not anywhere close to sitting up, even though she does like to be in that position with support. She's always chewing on her hands and drools some, but no teeth yet.

Likes: Blanky, paci, being held, her hands, bumbo, being talked to, avocado, banana, nursing

Dislikes: Being left alone

5/6am - Nurse
8/9am- Nurse, Food
11:30am- Nurse
2:30pm - Nurse, Food
5pm- Nurse
7:30/8pm- Nurse
(This past month has been a bit crazy with traveling and going places, but generally I keep her up for anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half after she wakes up).

Lyla and her friend Louise

Lyla's sisters lined up some friends for her :)

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