Monday, September 21, 2015

Blog Move

I have been keeping this blog for quite some time... I wanted to have a place where I kept track of all of my kids' development and growth and funny sayings. I do so in order that friends and family can keep up with them, but also so that I can remember. I take all of the information at the end of each year and put it into a baby book for the girls. I've been keeping two blogs for a while though, and I decided it was time to streamline down to one in order to help simplify my life. So all of the posts I have been keeping here will now move over to my other blog, Thanks for following along :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brielle's Development (2.5 Years)

(Above photos by Carrie Weaver Photography)

Brielle is two and a half now... and keeping up with milestones and developmental growth becomes harder with each kid you add! I want to stay intentional with remembering these things because older people tell me they wish they had... but wow, if I had more than three kids, I'm not sure if it would happen! I always transfer all of this information over to a photo book at the end of each year, so that helps to keep me motivated. 

So Brielle... she is such an interesting personality! She is sweet and kind. She is wild and adventurous. She is messy. She can sit quietly through a church service, but she can't sit through the reading of a whole book. She is whiny and cries often because of frustration. She shares generously and adores her sisters. She lives in her own little world.

Potty: So she has been potty trained for five months, but she still has accidents. She didn't have any for a long time, but now she probably has a little one once every day or every other day. It's kind of driving me crazy because I'm not sure how to get her back on track to no accidents... we never had regressions with Sophie at all.

Talking: Brielle still doesn't talk a lot, but she talks more. She strings words together so that we know her complete thought, but she leaves out all the filler words. For instance:
"Daddy, me ice cream shop!" ("Daddy, I went to the ice cream shop!")
"Hi Sophie, outside, my hotdog gone." ("Hi Sophie, I'm coming outside because my hotdog is gone.")
"Done table paint?" ("Are you done painting the table?")
"Mommy, where are you?" ("Mommy, where were you?")

Education: So, Brielle is just so different from Sophie. Brielle will only count to three, she gets all of her colors wrong other than blue (because she guesses blue for everything... ha! At least she knows she'll get one right then!), and she doesn't know her ABCs. I'm totally not worried about it, but it just fascinates me how different she is, and it also is very good for me to consider as I look into homeschooling and consider how I will need to approach her and care for her very differently than the way I do Sophie if I am going to help her learn and love to learn. She does know how to do many things though! She knows how to climb things well, she enjoys singing songs and remembers parts of them, she can turn on the toaster and plug in her night lights, and she knows how to find any candy that's hidden anywhere in the house.

Sleep: She still takes one afternoon nap a day, for about two hours. She and Lyla nap together. She's been waking up earlier now- around 7:30am. I really think she needs more sleep, based off her grouchiness, but she can't go back to sleep once she wakes up in the morning.

Brielle feels safest with her family, although she'll go into her class at church fairly easily. If she is with a big group of people, though, she likes being with Mommy. We went away for a week, and when we returned, she was the happiest to see us, and she worried anytime we were going to leave after that. She adores her sisters. While she isn't always kind, she definitely has a sweet servant heart. She carries things for Sophie, she gives her blanky to Lyla, she loves to make Lyla laugh and play with her... she also always feeds Lyla. The other day Brielle had a sucker, and she walked over to Lyla, took her paci out of her mouth, put her sucker into her mouth for a good ten seconds, took the sucker out, and put the paci back in. haha! She just wanted to share some of that yumminess with baby Lyla. Lyla loves her for it!

Loves: Outdoors, swinging, wagon rides, water, getting in the lake with her clothes on, blanky, Mommy, sisters, building towers, doing everything big sister Sophie does
Dislikes: Not getting her way, Mommy leaving

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lyla's Development (1 Year!)

Annnnnd, she's one! My third baby girl is one! It's always bittersweet watching my babies grow, but I am so thankful for every breath God gives me with them.

This past month she learned how to crawl!! (FINALLY!) She also learned how to pull up into the standing position. She claps, and she says "ha" for "hi" with a really loud voice.

She has at least one molar coming, but it hasn't popped all the way through yet.

This past year has had stressful moments with getting her to gain weight, but today we went to the doctors, and she weighed 17 pounds, 12 ounces, which is the 20th percentile! Praise God! And she is 28 inches long which is the 25th percentile. We are so thankful for how healthy she is now!

We officially finished breastfeeding on her first birthday. It was a little sad for me, especially as it may be my last baby to ever breastfeed, but she was done. I'm just thankful that she was still interested even after we had to start doing formula. In the last week we had cut down to just once a day, though, and she was definitely distracted very easily.

Likes: Singing, blanky, paci, wagon rides, food, kisses, swinging, wooden toys, chewing on things

Dislikes: Sudden loud noises, Mommy walking away, waiting for food

8/8:30am- Wake up, Nurse, Eat breakfast (banana and cheerios usually), Drink bottle
10:30/11am- Nap (Usually sleeps an hours)
12pm- Wake, Eat lunch, Bottle
2pm- Nap (Sleeps 2 to 2.5 hours)
4/4:30 - Snack/Bottle
5:30pm - Supper
7:30pm- Snack/Bottle
8:30pm- Nurse, Bedtime

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lyla's Development (11 Months)

11 months! I guess that means I better start planning a birthday party!

This past month, Lyla has started easily moving around the room... but she's still not crawling! haha! She will push herself backwards, and roll, and then sit up somewhere else. It's silly, but it works. She is getting really close to crawling... she has moved one knee forward. So probably she will figure sit out this month.

She also tries to pull up on things, but her legs are too wobbly to actually stand yet.

She repeats words sometimes now. Several times I've said, "Clap clap clap!" while clapping, and she repeats. She also says "dada" and "mama" sometimes, but I don't think she knows what they mean yet. She babbles all the time now, and she has such a sweet little voice.

She also got two new teeth this month (two on the bottom- so that makes for four on top and four on bottom- eight total!)

Likes: singing and music, blanky and paci, being outside, ergo carrier, food, getting attention, wooden toys, sink baths

Dislikes: Mommy leaving, sisters pulling on her or being in her face, waiting for food

(All times are approximate. I follow a routine and not a schedule, so every day is a little different, but this is the closest to her routine)
7:30/8am - Wake, Nurse, Banana, Bottle
9:30am- Nap
11/11:30am - Wake, Nurse, Bottle
12pm- Lunch
1/2pm - Nap
3/4pm- Wake, Nurse, Bottle
5:30- Supper
7/7:30 - Bottle
8:30pm- Nurse, Bed

It never fails that around 10 or 11 months, I finally feel like our schedule is consistent. Before that, we have consistency for days or weeks, but around 10 months, we actually start being consistent pretty much all the time. She never wakes up in the night anymore, and that's the best part.