Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brielle's Development (2 Years, 2 Months)

Potty: Guess what happened these last two months?! Brielle potty trained! Yay! I seriously thought when I wrote my last post, two months ago, that it would be quite a while before she potty trained. She just didn't seem ready, and I didn't have the energy. Then my little sister came to visit for a few days and she pretty much potty trained her. Yay! She's doing so well too! She's really surprised me as she's probably had less accidents than what Sophie had when she first trained, and I expected Brielle to be way harder. She occasionally still has accidents, but overall she does well, and we go out in undies most of the time now. She runs around naked or in undies most of the time at home, though, so I realized most of her pictures lately reflect that. :) She goes all on her own... we don't have to use a timer, and we rarely ask her. She just says "Potty!" and runs when she has to go. I feel really blessed as both Sophie and Brielle have been easy to potty train. 

Talking: Brielle continues to talk more, although she still talks in words and phrases and not in sentences. Her most common words these days are "potty," "with" (as in, "I want to go with"), "thank you," "more," "where?" "nub-night," "snack," "banana," "cereal," "right there," "teeth" (because she loves brushing her teeth), "pray" and "song" (she always keeps us accountable to pray before meals and to pray and sing before bedtime), and names (she's always asking where everyone is, even if she already knows).

She says "meep meep" when someone is in her way and she needs to get by. She says "beep beep" really slowly when walking backwards, haha. She says "Got it!" when she accomplishes something that she's been trying to do (kind of like "nailed it!" haha)

She's very needy of love and cuddling, and moving lately has made her more needy for it, I think. She can be really whiny. She doesn't play very well by herself, but when she does, she's usually playing with a baby doll, making a mess (like coloring on herself), or being silly.

When we ask her how old she is (or "how are you?") she says, "One!" and then we tell her no and ask her again and she always says, "Three!" haha! She just can't quite get "two."

She likes dressing herself, but she does a horrible job at it. She really wants to be a big girl and do everything Sophie does, and it's very upsetting to her when she can't.

She and Sophie now share a bunk bed and do really well with that. They drive each other crazy, but they also are starting to play together more and sometimes have really sweet moments.

8am- Wake up (Now in their shared bunk bed, Brielle and Sophie wake up at the same time. A bit of a bummer because I think it makes Brielle more whiny)
12pm- Lunch
1pm- Nap (typically sleeps two hours)
5:30pm- Supper
8/8:30pm- Bed

All silliness...

Because potty training is hard work...

Fashion model

Dressing herself

She thought Milo needed some bones:

She loves Menards. She finds all the carts (big and small) and pushes them

She's dangerous. She really tried hard to fit through this crack


  1. I enjoy watching her free spirit grow.

  2. I enjoy watching her free spirit grow.