Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lyla's "6" Month Pictures

I've always had professional pictures taken of my kids at 6 months. I love this age where they sit up and have all the baby cuteness. We waited and didn't take Lyla's until she was almost 8 months because we wanted to wait until she could sit. We also had a few taken of Sophie and Brielle, which you can see at the end. Lyla was very confused by the big camera and she wasn't a fan of being set in the middle of the room alone... so we didn't get smiles. But we did get cuteness, still. All pictures are taken by Carrie Weaver Photography, who has been our photographer since Sophie was a baby.


  1. Oh Alisha, your girls are just so beautiful. While I don't know Lyla's personality very well, I can totally see Brielle's (free spirit much?!) and Sophie's (classic proper first born). So cute!