Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lyla's Development (10 Months)

We hit the double digits in months- this baby girl is 10 months old now!

Lyla got three new teeth this month, so she now has six teeth. She has four on top and three on bottom, but the biggest tooth on top is on the side, so it's a mix of cute and funny when she smiles.

She still doesn't crawl, but she is trying to move around on the floor now. She usually just does a weird body twist and ends up on her back, and she's pushed herself backwards at least once. Mostly she just likes to sit and play, and I'm okay with that :)

She can feed herself really well, although I still feed her quite a bit since it's less messy and since we're in the middle of house renovation and her seat isn't out half the time.

She doesn't say any real words yet that I have noticed, but she has started babbling all the time (saying "ba ba ba") and it's super cute.

I've been working on signs and clapping and waving with her... waving is the only one that she *may* have gotten.

She weighs 14 pounds even and is 26 inches long.

Likes: food, blanky, paci, sisters, sitting and playing with toys, being held, my phone and all my other technology, wooden toys

Dislikes: Seeing mommy and not being held, waiting for food, baths in the bathtub

(All times are approximate. I follow a routine and not a schedule, so every day is a little different, but this is closest to her routine.)
7:30/8am - Wake, Nurse, Banana
9am- Bottle
10am- Nap
12pm- Wake, Nurse, Food, Bottle
2pm- Nap
3:30pm- Wake, Nurse, Snack
5pm- Bottle, Food
6pm- Sometimes takes a short nap
7pm- Nurse
8pm- Bed

Monday, April 20, 2015

Sisters Forever (Pictures)

Some sister pictures from the last few months. With no narration, because sometimes I just have to be honest with myself that I don't have the time for blogging like I wish I did. But I still want to supply the pictures. So you will see sweet sisters and you will see grumpy sisters and you will see silly sisters and you will see happy sisters. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sophie's Development [4 Years]

Sophie is a helper, a pleaser, obedient, sensitive, cautious, controlling, loving, curious, has an incredible memory, and has a great imagination.

Loves: Animals, stuffed animals, her dollhouse, her stacking dolls, books, her bunk bed, money, flip flops, going outside

Dislikes: Having her hair brushed, being in the dark, being dropped off in her class during Mom's group

New Things:
-Knows some letter sounds (A, B, H, L, O, and S, consistently)
-Recognizes a few more letters
-Is more interested in helping and has started to help with washing dishes
-She can write S, O, and P and occasionally some other letter

Other Things:
-She's really had a growth spurt lately! She's eating a lot!

Funny Things:
- Me: "I wonder where my water bottle is." Sophie: "Mom, it's right here." ...3 minutes later... Sophie: "Oh my goodness, Mom! I bet you're so glad you have kids to help you know where your stuff is. Some people don't have kids, you know?"
- Sophie: "Mom, since I'm in the bathtub, do you mind if I have a bathtub treat?" Me: "A bathtub treat, huh?" Sophie: "Yeah, like where you're in the bathtub, and you're so good and you don't cry, so you get a treat."
- "I just need to smell my sneeze in because I don't like it."
- Me: "Jesus says don't repay evil for evil. That doesn't fix things." Sophie (frustrated): "Then what does?!"
- "Mom, I love love love Lyla. I would love to have more Lylas. Except I would not love to have more Brielle's. Brielle's are crazy and naughty so I do not want any more."
- "I need to swoop up my wedgie."
- I try to be careful, except it just doesn't work out very good."
-  (Our dog is Milo) "Milo, you can't go upstairs. You'll just be loud and do stuff that'll wake my sisters."
- After I explained adoption to Sophie... Sophie: "Mom, could you be a mom to more kids? I could get two sisters named Elsa and Anna and a brother named Kristoff."
- "Mom, I wasn't going to tell you this, buuuuuut.... Remember when I told you I peed in a bucket? Wellllll, I don't know where that bucket is." (Um, no Sophie. I have no clue what you're talking about. *blank stare*)
- "I'm really sorry that I make awesome things."
- (Looking at bottom of Little Tikes slide) Sophie: "Oh, Mom, look! It's dirty!" Me: "It's okay." Sophie (in a matter of fact tone): "No, it's not okay. It's really not."
- Brielle always says "mmhmm" to pretty much any question you ask her. So Sophie likes to ask her things that are funny for her to say "mmhmm" to. Examples: "Bee-elle, am I nicer than you?"  "mmhmm" ... "Bee-elle, do you have a stinky bottom?" "mmhmm" ... "Bee-elle, does mommy love me most?" "mmhmm."
- (Mumbling in the backseat after I told Sophie that we were dropping her and Brielle off at Grandma's house) "You're going without your favorite child who you love, which is me. And you're going without Brielle, who is not your favorite child and who you don't like."
- "I like that white paint. It's so colorful."

Sweet Things:
- (While watching the show Super Why on TV) Super Why: "What will you be when you grow up?" Sophie (talking to TV): "A big Mommy, silly!" (pause) "Except I'll still be a princess too. Right, Mom? You can be a mom and a princess? Because you are." ((insert a big awwwwww))
- She makes her toys apologize and forgive each other when she's playing with them.
- She talks a LOT about loving God and Jesus. And she always says both :). She is very generous with telling people she loves them. She always says, "Mom, do you know how much I love you?" When I ask how much, she responds, "This much" and holds her arms out, and then says, "That's how much I love God too. And Jesus."
- "Mom, this is the best night of my life because I love when Brielle plays with me!"
- Me: "What should we pray for?" Sophie: "Um, let's pray that Jesus will be all over with us and that he will walk down here on earth with us."

What's your favorite food? Mac N Cheese (it's totally not... I don't know why she says that every time), yogurt, cheese, tortilla wraps
What's your favorite thing to play with? My babies and my stuffed animals
What's your favorite movie or show? Ariel, Strawberry Shortcake, Sophia the First, and I'm so excited for Frozen Fever the movie to come out!
What's your favorite song? Wheels on the Bus and This Little Light of Mine
What's your favorite book? The magnet book and Frozen book
What do you like to do with Brielle? I like to play under blanket tents with her
What do you like to do with Lyla? I like to play with this balloon string with her (what she's doing right now)
What do you want to do when you get older? I want to have a job to feed my kids and to let my kids watch shows and movies on my computer when I'm a mom (I think she's trying to tell me something)
What's your favorite animal? A cat and a dog. Also, alpacas.