Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lyla's Development (1 Year!)

Annnnnd, she's one! My third baby girl is one! It's always bittersweet watching my babies grow, but I am so thankful for every breath God gives me with them.

This past month she learned how to crawl!! (FINALLY!) She also learned how to pull up into the standing position. She claps, and she says "ha" for "hi" with a really loud voice.

She has at least one molar coming, but it hasn't popped all the way through yet.

This past year has had stressful moments with getting her to gain weight, but today we went to the doctors, and she weighed 17 pounds, 12 ounces, which is the 20th percentile! Praise God! And she is 28 inches long which is the 25th percentile. We are so thankful for how healthy she is now!

We officially finished breastfeeding on her first birthday. It was a little sad for me, especially as it may be my last baby to ever breastfeed, but she was done. I'm just thankful that she was still interested even after we had to start doing formula. In the last week we had cut down to just once a day, though, and she was definitely distracted very easily.

Likes: Singing, blanky, paci, wagon rides, food, kisses, swinging, wooden toys, chewing on things

Dislikes: Sudden loud noises, Mommy walking away, waiting for food

8/8:30am- Wake up, Nurse, Eat breakfast (banana and cheerios usually), Drink bottle
10:30/11am- Nap (Usually sleeps an hours)
12pm- Wake, Eat lunch, Bottle
2pm- Nap (Sleeps 2 to 2.5 hours)
4/4:30 - Snack/Bottle
5:30pm - Supper
7:30pm- Snack/Bottle
8:30pm- Nurse, Bedtime