Sunday, December 18, 2011

Schedules from Sophie's Life

I wish I would have done better with keeping track of Sophie's schedule at least once a month just so I could have it for future children to look back on. Here are a few of her schedules though:

1 Week:
1:20am- Nurse
3:50am- Nurse
7:00am- Nurse
10:20am- Nurse
Up for the day (small naps between all feedings)
12:30pm- Nurse
4:00pm- Nurse
7:20pm- Nurse
10:10pm- Nurse
11:40pm- Nurse
Down for the night
Phew, those were exhausting days!

I didn't keep track of it, but I remember when she was a month old, she went through a week where she would nurse 1-2 hours STRAIGHT before going to bed. It was tiring!!

5 months:
3:30am- Nurse (back to sleep)
6:20am- Nurse (back down until 7ish)
9:30am- Nurse
10:45- Nurse to sleep
11:20- Falls to sleep
11:45- Wake
12:10- Nurse
1:15- Down/1:30- Sleep
2:00- Wake
2:30- Nurse
3:30- Down/3:40- Sleep
5:30- Wake/Nurse
8:00- Nurse
8:15- Down/Sleep

This was at the beginning of our sleep training- the 2nd day of it. She comfort nursed often at this point!

8.5 months (now!):
6-7am- Nurse/Back to sleep
8:00am- Wake/Nurse
8:30am- Solids (baby food fruit)
10:00am- Nap
11:30am- Nurse
12:30-1pm - Nap
2:30pm- Nurse/ Banana
4:00pm- Nap
5:00pm- Nurse
6:00pm- Solids (baby food vegetable)
7:30pm- Nurse/down for bed by 8pm

She still is not the greatest napper (for instance, she's in her crib crying/whining right now), but she is MUCH better at sleeping through the night!! Praise the Lord! I appreciate my sleep :) She still eats often and a lot, but she's a growing girl so I'm ok with that :) Ours days never look EXACTLY the same, and her nap times vary, but we have a relatively good routine by now.

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