Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Words [14 months]

Summertime has come, and Sophie and I are enjoying spending our days together :) Today she is 14 months! So far this summer, we have gone to the park, went camping with my family, celebrated Ben's younger brother's graduation, visited with some friends, visited a friend's new baby, went on wagon and stroller rides, and Sophie especially loves her new friend Shep- Ben's parents' dog.

The biggest thing Sophie is doing these days is learning and trying new words ALL.THE.TIME!
I'm going to attempt to write down all of the words she says these days: mama, dada, duck, ball, uh oh, yeah (and yes), please, baby, balloon, mouth, dog, woof, moo, eeheehee (horse sound), rahrrr (lion sound), more, teeth, belly button, up, out, hey, shoes, snack, button, sit, that, slide, yuck, jump, go, book, "aw," "wee." I think I got them all :)

In other news, she also has noticed that I dump the poo from her cloth diapers into the toilet, apparently.... because I keep finding her heading into the bathroom with a (clean) diaper and trying to lift up the toilet seat. The first time I thought she was being naughty, but then I realized she was just imitating what she's seen me do. So cute! Too bad she doesn't really get the concept. I'd gladly let her dump her own poo!

Sophie's current Loves are: dogs, brushing her teeth, stroller/wagon rides, cozy coupe car, crackers, water, her mama, shoes, buttons, curtains and doors and steps, books

Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed, having her hair washed, having her finger nails clipped (although she's finally getting a little better about her hands being held- as long as she thinks she's in control), sitting anywhere for more than 30 seconds (she's always moving!), hats/face masks, getting too close to most animals (like goats and pigs for instance)


  1. This was such a great post! Thanks for keeping us up to date with you guys and our little buddy. We miss having friends and neighbors so close!

  2. What a fun stage she is in! Glad your summer is off to a good start. Hope to see you sometime soon :)