Saturday, March 10, 2012

Likes and Dislikes - 11 months

Sophie seems to change her likes and dislikes quite bit.

Currently some of her likes include:
-Graham crackers
-Mommy's blueberry waffles (pretty much all food)
-Phones (real and fake)
-Other little kids
-Camelbak water bottle (our neighbors have these, and she's always going for them!)
-Opening and closing things
-Anything that is Mommy's and Daddy's

The nice thing about the environment we live in, is that she gets to play with a lot of other kids toys. We can learn which ones she likes and dislikes without having to buy them all!
Her current dislikes are:
-Baths (As is apparent in the picture below, she did like them! But in the last couple of weeks she's decided she's terrified of them. So frustrating!)
-Hats, especially big ones, when people are wearing them on their head (terrified)
-Balloons (terrified)
-When other kids cry
-Foods: pureed pees, strawberries (texture)
-Having her hair put up in a ponytail
-Having her nails clipped (or having her hands held at all)
-Vacuum (when it's on)

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