Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sophie and Brielle: Side-by-Side Newborns

I love having two little girls :) Since Sophie was my first baby, it was hard for me to imagine Brielle looking different. But she looks quite a bit different! I do think she has a couple of similarities to Sophie, and my guess is as they get older, they'll probably look more alike than they do as newborns... but I love that for the most part, Brielle has her own look. It's fun that I really have no idea what Brielle will look like as she grows each month because she has her own unique look.

So for those who have been wondering if Brielle looks like Sophie as a baby, here are comparison pictures... :)


  1. Wow, Sophie had a lot of hair! They do look somewhat different, but I actually think they look a LOT alike! I bet if Brielle had more hair they would look a ton alike! It will be so neat to watch the two of them grow up together and see what characteristics they share! They are both adorable :)

  2. So cute! My boys actually look so much a like at birth and during those first few weeks, but Camden is really taking on his own look now. It's exciting to see him change everyday. The joy of seeing another one of your children smile, laugh, or giggle never gets old. It's just as lovable as the very first time! Hope you are recovering well and enjoying your newest sweet pea!