Monday, February 4, 2013

Sophie's Development [22 Months]

It's been a few months since I gave an update on Sophie's development, so I feel like I'm long overdue to update with what she is currently doing.

Probably the biggest change since 19 months is that Sophie now talks in sentences. Of course, there's a lot of words she still can't say, so she doesn't always talk in sentences. But her thoughts are much more complete now, making is easier to know what she wants :). Her favorite phrase is: "Where'd ______ go?" (grandma, daddy, baby, and she likes to be silly and hide her hand and say, "Where'd hand go?" She also likes to turn off the lights and ask, "Where'd mommy go?" and "Where'd Sosie go?"). She also says, "Help me," which is really nice. My favorite sentence that she says is, "I love you."

She also is starting to learn pronouns. She still refers to herself as "Sosie," but she does now say "I," "mine," and "me." She usually refers to people that she doesn't know as "this one" or "that one."

While in Papua New Guinea, she learned the different between a car, a truck, and a van, and she does pretty good with telling the difference between them now.

She's very obsessive compulsive about things. She hates being messy and always wants to clean up every last little speck. She hates when her socks aren't perfectly on.

She's also very particular. She knows what she wants and she knows what she likes... she also knows, and will tell you, what she doesn't want and what she doesn't like. There's never much guessing with her.

I'm amazed at how well Sophie's memory works and how well she connects things. If she sees a tractor, she always says, "Papa" because she knows grandpa has a tractor. If Grandma was here visiting one day with cousin Brittany, the next time Grandma comes, Sophie asks where Brittany is. Just now she saw the picture I'm posting on this blog post which is the same picture on Ben's phone, and she said, "Daddy's phone." It's so fun to watch her connect and to see her remember!

She's also very polite, which makes me thankful! She says, "Please," "Thank you," "You're welcome," "Excuse me," and "Bless you." I have to remind her to say please a lot of time, but I am grateful she often says these words without being prompted.

Loves: Mickey Mouse, playing "pretend" with her kitchen and with her baby doll, "helping" mommy and daddy, baths, ice cream, cell phones

Dislikes: Being messy or making messes, having her hair done, bedtime and naptime

Of course, the biggest change in Sophie's life recently is having a little sister added to her family... she's been doing really well and loves her little sister, but we do see her enjoying her sister's things quite a bit :)

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  1. Awww...I love little Sophie :) Can't wait to see her (and you) soon!