Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sophie's Development [19 Months]

One thing I love about Sophie is that she adjusts well. Of course, she notices change (she gets scared easier), but I think she really adjusts quickly overall. We decided to take a month-long trip to visit Papua New Guinea since there's a good possibility this might be our future home- and because Ben is helping friends of ours build their home here. Sophie only took 4 days to get back on her regular sleep schedule (and wasn't that far off to begin with), was fairly pleasant the entire time, and hardly seems bothered by the heat and mosquito bites. I'm so thankful for her! Praying this new baby will adjust easily as well.

The newest development of Sophie's that is my favorite is that she recognizes shadows now! Last week we were in the bathroom, and the electricity went off (as is common here- the town electricity usually goes off once a day at least)- so our friend brought us a little lantern. When Sophie was finished with her bath, I was drying her off, and she pointed to the wall and said, "Mama!" I was confused and then realized she was talking about my shadow. I showed her her shadow then and asked her who it was, and she said, "Sosie" (Sophie). Since then, she's seen our shadows a couple of times and always knows who they are. This is just so cute and so amazing to me. It's one of those moments where I want to be that mom that brags about how smart her kid is.

I don't keep track of her words anymore because she says too many. But some fun ones... she says and remembers names really well now - I love it that she calls herself "Sosie." She also has started calling Ben "dah-ee" (daddy) instead of "dada" now. She says, "See ya."

She's such a cautious girl... not a dare devil at all. She likes to be silly and pretend she doesn't know things that she does (like trying to put a shape block in the wrong hole). She has the sweetest, loudest laugh that she usually will do about once a day. She can sometimes be bossy, but in general, she lets other kids walk all over her (and then she just cries or yells, "No!"). It'll be interesting to see is these parts of her personality stick or not.

Loves: books ("Bubbles Bubbles" which is an Elmo book is her current favorite), playing in the water (filling up cups and dumping them, specifically), blocks/shapes, food (cheese!!), playing outside, sitting on people and bouncing on them (which is especially fun since I'm pregnant right now <<sarcasm>>)

Dislikes: Having her hair washed, getting in water that she can't touch the bottom on her own, and many other normal toddler dislikes

[Photo taken by Abby Dunn]

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