Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Name: Brielle Riann

Just a short post about the name we chose for our second daughter :)

Brielle Riann Miller

Brielle: Meaning: "God is my strength." While the name Brielle has a lovely meaning, we honestly just chose it because we liked the name :) I had made a lovely long list of names I liked and Ben looked it over and chose a few that he liked. But he didn't love any of them. So then I went and looked at different websites to see if I might find a name we hadn't yet considered... and I found Brielle. I asked Ben if he liked it, and he did. And thus, around 18 weeks, we decided on a girl name... Brielle!

Riann: Sophie's middle name is Darlyne, which is my middle name and my mom's first name. Since we honored my mom with Sophie's middle name, we wanted to honor Ben's mom with Brielle's middle name. Ben's mom's name is Lori Ann... I didn't love Brielle Lori or Brielle Ann though. So I got creative, and combined the two and took off the L and O... and waa-laa, we had Riann.

Miller: Oh, she just got stuck with that as her last name. No choice :)

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  1. I truly feel honored, not just that you named her middle name after me, but that you cared enough to take the time and get creative. Her name is beautiful and I love this new little granddaughter dearly.