Monday, April 21, 2014

BabyMill3 [30 Weeks]

I really can't believe I'm 30 weeks already. In 10 or less weeks (most likely), I will be meeting this little girl.

Sickness: I have heartburn occasionally, but I have learned a few helpful tricks this pregnancy (essential oils as well as lifting my arms over my head for a few minutes to help "straighten out" my stomach) that have helped.

Movement: This little girls moves a lot. I can tell she's getting bigger as she kicks harder and stretches out. 

Weight Gain: I'm up 16 pounds now. I definitely am outgrowing my normal clothes, although I've still been making as much of it work as I can ;) I'm planning to pull out my maternity jeans this week.

Other Complaints: I have had quite a bit of cramping this pregnancy- more than my other two- it happens when I'm lying in bed, and I always have to stand up to stretch out the cramping. I also am no longer able to sleep on my belly (which came much later with this pregnancy than with Brielle's, so I won't complain). It's become a little more uncomfortable to sleep as well.

[26 Weeks]

[30 Weeks]

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