Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sophie at THREE

Three. It's hard to remember what life was like before Sophie was part of this earth.

I think it's safe to say that she has changed a lot in three years.

New Things:
-Puts coat on by herself
-CAN part-way dress herself
-Learned days of the week and also correctly uses time words like tomorrow, yesterday, and last week
-Knows some letters of the alphabet
-Being meaner to Brielle (yay, sibling relationships!)
-Setting dishes at table and putting hers in the sink afterwards

Who is your best friend? Ivy!
What do you like to do in class?  Play with legos and play with somebody else with legos
What do you like to do at your house? Play a game with my grandma
What is your favorite food? Minne Mouse (being silly) .... CHOCOLATE!
What is your favorite song? ABCDs and Row Row Your Boat and Bubblin’
What’s your favorite thing to do outside? Play on my bike

Funny/Sweet Things She Said:
- “When I am big, I will still be your Sophie and you will still be my mommy.”
- (After Ben got his hair cut) “Daddy, where did your soft and cuddly hair go?”
- (After our friend Aaron told Sophie she should say, “Ok, Mommy” when I tell her things) Sophie stares at him blankly and asks, “Why are you still here?" Another time when he was talking to her, she asked, "When are you going to go back to your house?”
- (After I asked Sophie if she wanted salad) “No Mommy. That food is not good for little Sophies. That food is yucky for little Sophies.”
- Grandma Lori (while reading a story to Sophie about being good): “Are you a good girl, Sophie?” Sophie: “No. I’m not nice to Brielle.”
-After giving a piece of her cake to Brielle: “Mommy, sometimes I’m nice to Brielle. And sometimes I’m not.”
-(Talking to Jason, who has dreadlocks) “Your hair is like hotdogs.”
-Me: “Their names are Josh and Patrick.” Sophie: “Oh.” (Points at Patrick) “ Is that one Ketchup?”


  1. ahhh! I love this little girl. Breaks my heart that I don't get to be around when she grows up. It's so funny reading the things she says that are so similar to how Emma thinks/processes things. These little girls and their quick minds :) love you friend!

  2. Ha! I love the comments she made to Aaron--that is so funny!

  3. Haha Sophie says some pretty funny things

  4. Such a cutie! Natalie dresses herself nearly every day. She has her very own sense of style and doesn't like it when I pick her clothes.

  5. She's so adorable! Great pictures, and I love her funny comments...especially to Aaron :) Glad Ivy is her best friend ;)