Friday, August 15, 2014

Brielle's Development [18 Months]

Brielle is a year and a half already. She is much more adventurous than Sophie, she's whiney, and she's silly.

Likes: food, being outside, being held, her blank and paci, sleeping,  animals, shoes, wagon and stroller rides, swimming

Dislikes: being told no, getting changed, being left alone

Her vocabulary has really started to pick up this past month:
Words: ball, bubbles, dog, kitty, mama, dada, Lyla, baby, sissy/Sophie, grandma, nose, shoe, mine, water, cheese, please, more, hi, bye, go, “Let it go," horsey, walk (she'll repeat almost any word we say)

8-8:30am - Wake up, Eat
10:30-11am - Nap
12pm - Wake, Eat
2pm - Nap (until 4/4:30pm)
6pm - Eat
7:30pm - Bedtime

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