Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lyla's Development [2 Months]

Little Lyla is 2 months. I'm so thankful for this little piece of joy in my life. She is full of smiles but also is sure to scream her head off if she's hungry or needs to go to sleep. She loves her sisters, and Brielle loves to point out her belly button and nose all the time.

This month, she's started to try to talk. Usually she just ends up snorting instead :) She also snorts when she cries.

Likes: Eating, sleeping, being swaddled, paci, blanky, being talked to, being held up by shoulder

Dislikes: Having her clothes changed, being suffocated and squished by her sisters, being held in the cradle position, being on her tummy

(This month her schedule has been different from week to week, for various reasons, but here is the general)
8am - Nurse
11am - Nurse
2:30pm - Nurse
6pm- Nurse
8pm - Nurse
10:30pm- Nurse
4am - Nurse
(She generally is up for an hour before she's ready to sleep again)

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  1. The headband looks so cute on her! :)