Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lyla's Development [3 Months]

This precious gift is 3 months old. Lyla rolled over (several times) for the first time this past month, from belly to back. She also giggled for the first time, although getting her to giggle is still hard. She loves to talk and does so more than I remember either of my other girls doing as babies. She also spits up more than either of my other girls did. She is a pretty easy and laid-back baby. She still snorts, and she gags herself when she talks and smiles big, haha.

Likes: her playmat, being talked to, nursing, sleeping, her rocker seat

Dislikes: loud noises and yelling, Brielle sitting on her or kicking her ;), baths, being held in the cradle position, not getting good sleep

8:30/9am - Wake, nurse
12pm - Nurse
3pm - Nurse
5:30pm- Nurse
8/9pm- Nurse
4/5am - Nurse
(She generally eats 6 times a day, but sometimes 7. She usually is awake for about an hour between each feeding, but sometimes a little longer)

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