Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lyla's Development (10 Months)

We hit the double digits in months- this baby girl is 10 months old now!

Lyla got three new teeth this month, so she now has six teeth. She has four on top and three on bottom, but the biggest tooth on top is on the side, so it's a mix of cute and funny when she smiles.

She still doesn't crawl, but she is trying to move around on the floor now. She usually just does a weird body twist and ends up on her back, and she's pushed herself backwards at least once. Mostly she just likes to sit and play, and I'm okay with that :)

She can feed herself really well, although I still feed her quite a bit since it's less messy and since we're in the middle of house renovation and her seat isn't out half the time.

She doesn't say any real words yet that I have noticed, but she has started babbling all the time (saying "ba ba ba") and it's super cute.

I've been working on signs and clapping and waving with her... waving is the only one that she *may* have gotten.

She weighs 14 pounds even and is 26 inches long.

Likes: food, blanky, paci, sisters, sitting and playing with toys, being held, my phone and all my other technology, wooden toys

Dislikes: Seeing mommy and not being held, waiting for food, baths in the bathtub

(All times are approximate. I follow a routine and not a schedule, so every day is a little different, but this is closest to her routine.)
7:30/8am - Wake, Nurse, Banana
9am- Bottle
10am- Nap
12pm- Wake, Nurse, Food, Bottle
2pm- Nap
3:30pm- Wake, Nurse, Snack
5pm- Bottle, Food
6pm- Sometimes takes a short nap
7pm- Nurse
8pm- Bed

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