Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lyla's Development (11 Months)

11 months! I guess that means I better start planning a birthday party!

This past month, Lyla has started easily moving around the room... but she's still not crawling! haha! She will push herself backwards, and roll, and then sit up somewhere else. It's silly, but it works. She is getting really close to crawling... she has moved one knee forward. So probably she will figure sit out this month.

She also tries to pull up on things, but her legs are too wobbly to actually stand yet.

She repeats words sometimes now. Several times I've said, "Clap clap clap!" while clapping, and she repeats. She also says "dada" and "mama" sometimes, but I don't think she knows what they mean yet. She babbles all the time now, and she has such a sweet little voice.

She also got two new teeth this month (two on the bottom- so that makes for four on top and four on bottom- eight total!)

Likes: singing and music, blanky and paci, being outside, ergo carrier, food, getting attention, wooden toys, sink baths

Dislikes: Mommy leaving, sisters pulling on her or being in her face, waiting for food

(All times are approximate. I follow a routine and not a schedule, so every day is a little different, but this is the closest to her routine)
7:30/8am - Wake, Nurse, Banana, Bottle
9:30am- Nap
11/11:30am - Wake, Nurse, Bottle
12pm- Lunch
1/2pm - Nap
3/4pm- Wake, Nurse, Bottle
5:30- Supper
7/7:30 - Bottle
8:30pm- Nurse, Bed

It never fails that around 10 or 11 months, I finally feel like our schedule is consistent. Before that, we have consistency for days or weeks, but around 10 months, we actually start being consistent pretty much all the time. She never wakes up in the night anymore, and that's the best part.

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