Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Miller #2 [34 Weeks]

[26 weeks]

[30 weeks]

[34 weeks]

I'm now 34 weeks! Since our family took a 6 week trip to Papua New Guinea, the weeks have flown by! It's hard to believe that I just have a little over a month left before we meet this little girl. While I'm thankful I still have a little time left, we are also very excited to meet this little one! After Christmas this week, I will begin getting ready for her (getting clothes ready, getting the bassinet, bouncer, and other things out... I'm sure that'll help me feel like we're really going to be having a baby!)

Sickness: I still have heartburn every day, and it's the worst at night. I have been taking tums every night for the past couple of weeks because I can't go to sleep if I don't. I did throw up on 2 airplane rides during our time in Papua New Guinea, but both were a result of a mix of things (being on the plane, airplane food, having a child sitting on my lap, feeling hot... and then, of course, being pregnant). I'm very thankful that I'm done with plane rides for this pregnancy!

Movement: This baby moves ALL.THE.TIME. There was a short few weeks (around weeks 27-30) where I didn't feel her much. But now I feel her a lot, especially when I'm trying to go to sleep at night. I feel this baby girl much more than I felt Sophie. She pokes out my side all of the time, and she pokes out much further than Sophie ever did. She also likes to put her foot into my ribs which is uncomfortable. I feel her hiccup too, so I know she's head-down. While she is less comfortable than Sophie was in the womb, I am thankful that all the movement means she is okay.

Pain: I am mostly uncomfortable because of all of her movement. I guess I wouldn't consider it pain, though- mostly just very uncomfortable. My back is doing well.

Gender: Still a girl as far as we know!

Weight Gain: I'm up 24 pounds now. I've gained more than I did with Sophie, now, but I'm still not up to my end weight with her. I definitely wear maternity pants now, but I can wear maternity and regular shirts, which is nice. 

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  1. This almost the exact same with Camden, he moved around so much, it wasn't painful but very uncomfortable especially when you're trying to sleep. Thankfully, he turned out to be a better sleeper than Curtis ever was (or is, since he still fights sleep like the dickens!). It was also hard for me to realize we were really expanding oru family, those last few weeks when I thought I might go into labor is when it really hit! Praying for you guys! And you are such a brave and courageous Momma to go to PNG while pregnant with a 19 month old!