Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! 

This was the first year where Sophie started asking when Christmas was (starting in October, I think...). So I decided to make a paper chain that began December 1 so she would know. There was an advent reading on every chain link. December was a bit of a busy month, so I'll be honest... we skipped some days. But the chain definitely helped Sophie, and I enjoyed the Bible readings that we did. 

On Christmas morning, Sophie woke Brielle up so that she didn't have to wait until 9:00 to open gifts. Brielle, my little sleeper :)

Ben read them the Christmas story.

Then we all opened stockings.

Ever since I heard the "Something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read" gift giving idea, I have liked it. I ended up going with that idea this year without even meaning to.

For something you want, Sophie got a "classic toy" camera and Brielle got a Frozen wand that plays "Let it Go" so that maybe she'll stop bugging for my phone to listen to it. Good luck, right?! You can never have too much "Let it Go" according to her. Oh, and incase you've been hiding under a rock, you can buy anything your little heart desires in a "Frozen" version.


For something you need, I may be stretching it a little, but they got a dollhouse. Made by Ben and me :) A dollhouse is a need for a little girl, right? 

Lyla got a "real" need. She got a cloth diaper! Ok, for real, even this wasn't a need. This baby girl has way more cloth diapers than she needs. But it's really hard to find anything that a third daughter actually "needs." So Lyla just got a diaper and a book. And she would have been just as happy with nothing.

For something you wear, the girls got Elsa and Anna dresses. They didn't need any real clothes anyway. Sophie, my OCD child, whined about the sleeves being scratchy.

They also got a bonus "Something to wear" because our friends gave us roller skates for free to pass onto the girls. Yay! Sophie loves roller skating. Despite Brielle's face, she's not really a fan of skating yet.

For something you read, they got more than one book. No one can only get one book for Christmas! Or maybe that's just what I think since I have my BA in English and love to read :)

For real, these girls got spoiled more than just this though. Because then we went and hung out with our families and they got even more gifts. I think Sophie's favorite gift of all was her "Hungry Hippos" game. We went and visited Sophie's friend Calvin in October, and he has this game. They fought over it the whole time. And ever since then, she's been asking for it.

And they got instruments so they can start a little band.

And just like last year, Sophie picked a gift to give. This year, she picked one for all three of them to give. She had 7 animals to choose from, and she chose an alpaca.

I'm not surprised she chose an alpaca because she and Brielle loved visiting the alpacas this summer and fall when we were at my parent's house.

This year we have been blessed by family and friends and a God who gave us a gift we were so undeserving of, Jesus Christ our Savior.

Who would have dreamed or ever foreseen
That we could hold God in our hands
The Giver of Life is born in the night
Revealing God's glorious plan
To save the world
(Sovereign Grace Music)

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