Friday, December 26, 2014

Dollhouse [Handmade]


Ben and I made a dollhouse for the girls for Christmas this year. It started out with me trying to think of gift ideas for the girls and browsing amazon. I saw a dollhouse. They girls don't have one, and I thought that would be a fun gift. My sisters and I loved playing with our dollhouse growing up. So I put a dollhouse and furnishings and dolls on Sophie's Christmas list. And then I decided I really wanted them to have a homemade dollhouse, so I asked Ben if he'd make them one. So he did.

The house plans were modified from this

After Ben built the house, we primed it and painted it white. Then I chose pretty paper that we put up as wallpaper. 

Here's the kitchen: I bought two square boxes and Ben gave me one for the fridge from wood scraps. I painted them all from ideas I got from pinterest, but then I added some of my own ideas, like buttons for the stove ranges, some things from my father-in-law's toolbox for the faucet and knobs, and for the fridge doors. I bought wood pieces from Hobby Lobby to make my own table and I bought chairs already assembled, and then I just painted it all.

I bought the Hape dollhouse living room furniture, but I didn't like the colors, so I repainted them all.

This is "Sophie and Brielle's" room. Ben built the bunk bed and I painted it. I bought wood pieces from Hobby Lobby and put them together for the end table and painted it.

This is "Lyla's" room. The cradle I found at my mom's house, leftover from a dollhouse we had.

This is the bathroom. I bought it at Hobby Lobby because I didn't feel like making it myself. I had a 40% off, so it wasn't too expensive. Dollhouse furniture is really expensive, as are dollhouses!

This is Daddy and Mommy's room :) Ben made the bed and I painted it. I put together and painted the end table. I bought the dresser from Hobby Lobby and painted it.

And here are the people I made to live in the dollhouse! I bought peg people off of Amazon and painted them all. It's our family... and of course, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf came to live with us because why wouldn't they?

It was so much fun to give the girls a gift that we made ourselves! As I thought about giving it to them, I felt excited and giddy and full of joy. And I thought of God on that Christmas morning 2000 years ago as he gave his Son, Jesus, as a little baby. His Son who would die to save the world from their sinful selves. The only perfect sacrifice. And I imagined, after years of mankind being in desperate hopelessness, how God must have felt so much joy and excitement to present his Son to the world. The long awaited Savior had come! God had planned to give Him from eternity past, and here He was, at last! A perfect Gift planned by the all-loving Giver.


  1. THis is awesome! And it's funny that Anna, Elsa and Olaf are a part of your family too! :) Well done!

  2. I agree with Kristen! :) Very well done. I hope you both had lots of fun making it too. :)

  3. This is adorable! I love it! You guys did such a wonderful job on this very special gift. :)

  4. OHMYGOODNESS, this is unreal! What a precious treasure for your girls; they don't even know! What a lot of work, but how fun to work so diligently for so long all with your girls in mind. The best kind of present!