Thursday, August 30, 2012

Words [17 months]

I can't believe 3 months have gone by since I did an update on the words Sophie knows... where has the summer gone?

I guess that means it's time to write down the newest words that she's saying.

Here they are: wagon, truck, keys, hot, this, no (and it's her favorite word, of course), trash, thank you, grandma, grandpa, swing, bib, bottle, diaper, potty, eye, ear, mouth, nose, hair, sock, bug, fly, bear, kitty, bath, bubble, potty, stuck

She also says a couple of phrases: "I got it" and "I did it!"

She says quite a few names now too.

And she'll repeat almost any word you try to ask her to say. Daddy's favorite is to get her to say "xylophone."

I will note one thing... a lot of the "B" words she knows sound the same... like bubble, button, and  bottle.

It's so fun watching her learn new words!!

She's also learning possession. She knows which things are dada's (the TV remote, the black computer, shoes), and which things are Mama's (the blue computer, phone, shoes). Of course, this also means she knows which things are "hers," and she's not too eager to share. Oh the joys of teaching a 1 year-old to be nice and share.

She also likes to dance in the grocery and clothing stores when she hears music... this includes putting her hand in the air and waving it. haha :)

And one of the cutest things she does is pick up trash and say "trash" and take it to the trash can. We just have to be careful that she doesn't throw away things that she thinks are trash that aren't really... like earlier today I found a plastic re-usable cup in the trashcan...


  1. She is SO cute, and becoming so grown up!

  2. awww...she is so cute! can't wait to see you guys soon!