Monday, March 25, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Monthly Onesie Picture

I looooove the monthly onesie pictures. I buy my stickers from this etsy shop. I also love my new camera. And of course I love my baby girl, so I take many more pictures than I need to.

We got some stinkin' cute pictures this month. I love when I can start capturing a smile!

But behind the scenes can be quite funny. I do silly things to try to get Brielle to smile and look, and Sophie likes to copy. She says, "Ah boo boo boo" and "tickles" Brielle. The only problem is that she gets in the way of the picture... and sometimes she's too rough. 

And sometimes she bugs me to take her picture instead. So I do. Today she wanted me to take a picture of her holding her "candy" (i.e. gummy vitamin) that she got for going potty. And then she wanted me to take a picture of her feeding the candy to her baby doll. And then she wanted to feed it to Brielle...

But through it all, we got some great onesie pictures with my cute little two month old model. Here are some more that I took today :)

And a close-up of my favorite because I love her face :)

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