Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sophie's Development [23 Months]

Does that really say 23 months? I can't believe my firstborn is going to be 2 years old in 10 days! Of course, I can't remember what life was like without her either! I can't believe how much she's learned in just one month since my last update... she is having a learning explosion lately!

Words: She talks a mile a minute now. She talks in sentences most of the time, and she can say most words. She’s begun to learn “filler” words. She says “too” (my favorite is when she says, “I love you too, Mommy”) and “almost” (“Sosie’s almost all done”). She also has learned the word “warm” and uses it appropriately for when something is warm and not hot (sometimes she says something is “too warm” though, haha).

Learning: Sophie is now counting fairly well (she can count from 1-10 but doesn’t consistently do so). I didn’t even think she could count past 3, and then all of the sudden she was counting to 10! She also sings the ABCs fairly well, but always skips quite a few letters.

Sleep: Sophie’s sleep is going ok. She sleeps great at night- we have no problems. She’ll go down around 8pm and sleep until somewhere between 7 and 8am. Naptimes have been a little rough. Ever since we switched her to a big girl bed and took the paci away, her naps have been up and down. She would go to sleep if I laid down with her, but then she started goofing off too much, and it became difficult since Brielle would wake up and need fed. I’ve started laying her down at 2pm (it was 12 before) just recently, and so far, it is working. She still doesn’t fall asleep right away, but within half an hour she will. I also put a gate up at her door.

Potty Training: We are in the middle of potty training! I started about 2 weeks ago, and she is doing great! She averages about one accident per day but sometimes has none! She is still a heavy nap and night wetter, so she is wearing diapers for those. We had gone out a few times in underwear with no accidents – yay!

Funny Things: Sophie can be a silly girl. One day she stuck a pretzel up her nose and said, “I got boogy in there.” Haha! She also still will talk about her paci sometimes… she will always talk about how it’s broken. Then she’ll say, “I big girl” since she no longer has one J She also likes to congratulate herself. When she goes potty, she says, “Good job, Sosie!” when she goes. I love watching what she picks up from my interaction with Brielle… she tries to breastfeed her babies, clean the boogies out of their noses, and give them medicine for thrush (poor Brielle has thrush). When we lay her down for naps (which she doesn’t love), she always whines, “No Mommy, I wakes up!” She’s also very protective of me when Ben pretends to fight me. She’s always very worried for me J

Foods: Hot dog, mac n cheese, yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, chips, pretzels (she prefers salty foods like her daddy), frozen waffles that are still frozen

Likes: Baths, babies, Little People, books (Going to Bed Book, Mama Llama, open up books), shows (Mickey Mouse, Curious George, Elmo, Dora), Grandpa and Grandma and Aunts and Uncles, songs (ABCs, Twinkle Star, Row Row Boat), cell phones, cameras

Dislikes: Bedtime and naptime, soda (we like to let her try ours when she asks and she always spits it out and says “Yucky!), being stuck, being messy, Ben popping bubbles with his gum

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  1. Frozen waffles still frozen...that cracks me up ;) and Ivy does the same thing with pop!