Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sophie and Brielle: Side-by-Side 1 Month

I love looking at pictures of my girls at the same age in the same outfit. I love it that they are unique but yet have a few similar qualities. To be honest, I can't see many similarities from the front view. Here are a couple of pictures of them around a month old...

I do, however, see a lot more similarities when I look at side profile pictures of them! Their lips especially look alike!


  1. whoa, the profile, like you said! but also from the front, they are different. awww sisters!

  2. I think they also look alike in the first photo in the fancy dress and they sort of have the same expression on their faces. Definitely different, but definitely sisters! :)

  3. I love that impractical dress :) So I didn't realize until these pictures how "mature" of a face Sophie had when she was a baby. Brielle has more of the typical baby face...I think because it's rounder? (maybe that's why I still look like I'm 12...the round face) Both so adorable!!!! :)

  4. I see a lot of resemblance in the first and third pictures, but not the middle one. Both cuties :)