Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brielle's Development [2 Months]

Miss Brielle turned 2 months on March 25! 

This past month, she has fit a few more "firsts." She rolled over for the first time from tummy to back (she's done it twice now). She also has started smiling a lot. I love her smiles. And she's "talking"- the adorable baby coos.

She is also sleeping and eating great. She nurses 7 times a day right now. She nurses around 7pm and then goes to sleep around 8pm. She's been going to sleep at night much easier now. I do a "dreamfeed" at 10pm, and then she sleeps until 4am when she almost always wakes up like clockwork (a couple of times she would sleep until 5 or 6am). Then she'll go back to sleep until 7:45 or 8am. I'm feeling rested and am thankful for her good sleep!


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