Saturday, December 7, 2013

Brielle's Development [10 Months]

Remember how I talked in last month's update about how she would never crawl? Well, she crawls :)

She also just got 2 more teeth this past month. Now she has 5 teeth total- 3 on top and 2 on bottom.

She can pull up on things, although it's still difficult for her and she doesn't do it often. She also has learned to sit up from a laying position which is nice and often means she wakes up happier (sometimes it means she wakes up a little earlier than preferred too, though).

She continues to love food and does really well with it.

She's said "dada" for a little while, but I'm fairly certain she actually knows that "dada" is Ben's name now. If I ask her to say "mama," though, she just says "dada"... Boooo!

She also likes to copy. If I tap my knee, she taps my knee. She thinks this is really funny.

We went home (9 hour trip) for thanksgiving, and Brielle travels SO well!

Typical Schedule:
6:30am- Nurse, back to bed
8am- Wake, nurse, banana
10am- Nap (1 hour usually)
12pm- Nurse, Lunch
1pm- Nap (2-3 hours)
4pm- Nurse, Snack
5pm- Supper
6pm- Nap
7pm- Wake, Nurse, Play a little
7:30- Bed

Loves: Food, baths, being held, blanky and paci, sleeping, being outside, carpet

Dislikes: Being left alone, diaper changes, mommy leaving

These monthly pictures are getting difficult...

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