Thursday, December 26, 2013

Brielle's Development [11 Months]

This little girl is getting big! People always say, "Just enjoy it when they're not moving because then they can't get into anything." But you know what I decided? I LOVE when babies start crawling and walking. It's so cute and fun, and Brielle is so happy that she can move now! She's crawling everywhere, and she can't walk yet, but she pulls up on everything (she loves being on her legs!) and has just started to move along furniture a little. In this past month, her legs have gotten really strong! She is so excited about her new strength too- she tries to stand without her hands, but she's not that strong yet.

She got one more top tooth - so 6 total.

She's also learned other new fun things in this past month: how to play peek-a-boo, how to sign "more" (finally!!!), and she gives those cute, slobbery open-mouth kisses!

She also says "Nana" for "food." I think she calls food this because bananas are her favorite food, and she first used it with a banana.

She loves food just as much as always. We've also switched to formula this past month. It was sad for me, but pregnancy caused my supply to drop so she needed more to drink.

Typical Schedule:
6:30/7am- Bottle
Back to sleep until 8
8am- Banana and Cheerios
10am- Nap (for about an hour)
12pm- Bottle and lunch
1/1:30pm- Nap (about 2 hours)
4:30pm- Bottle
5pm- Supper
Sometimes takes a night nap for about an hour before bed
7pm- Bottle
7:30pm- Bed

Loves: Food, baths, bouncing, crawling, pulling up, sleeping

Dislikes: Having her hands held, being left alone


  1. didn't Sophie have more hair by 11 months? Brielle's eyes are to die for!

    1. Yes, Kayla, Sophie had a lot more hair!!

  2. I'm with you in that I love when they start walking too! I definitely feel more connected to Sophie. Sweet beautiful Brielle I don't know at all...and am so sad of that fact!